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(A/N please listen to another one bites the dust by Queen for the beginning of this chapter. You'll see why 😁😉)

Lizzie sat comfortably on the mountains. There was an incredibly tall one near her hut but given the years she'd been there and the amount of times she's scaled it, she raced to the top in no time.

Now let the show begin. Lizzie knew what was coming. You destroy the island you answer to Kong. That's not such a nice gorilla to answer to.

A tremendous roar echoed through the valleys soon followed by a palm tree soaring through the air into a nearby helicopter. A grin etched its way onto Lizzie's face.

"Ding! Ding! Ding! Let the fight commence" Lizzie couldn't help but let out a little commentary as she watched the helicopters fall like flies.

"In the away corner we have a dozen, well half a dozen now, helicopters that believe because it's not on the map, it's theirs for the taking!" Another on down.

"And in the home corner we have long time champion, all time favourite and undoubtedly winner of this match... KONG!" Lizzie let out whoops and hollers as Kong smashed each and ever copter to the ground. It truly was a magnificent sight.

Lizzie stood ready to leave when she saw flames and debris at the bottom of the mountain. She cocked her head, she didn't see that one go down. Lizzie clambered down the mountain and set off for the crash site. Even if she made fun of their pathetic attempts she would still make sure everyone was okay, if she wasn't given that chance at least.


The helicopter was completely destroyed. Mangled beyond belief and way passed saving. Lizzie watched has he hope of getting of the island walked away calmly in the form of a giant gorilla.

The one of the two pilots was dead. Burnt beyond recognition, only a pair of dog tags remained. Three people lay unconscious, tangled up in the mess of the copter. Lizzie managed to grab one of them by the arms and haul them to a nearby tree resting their back against it. It was a women, a camera hung around her neck and it was a near miracle that it hadn't smashed.

Lizzie went back over towards the debris and spent the next 15 minutes trying to unclip the belts strapping one of the soldier inside. When she managed to free him she then dragged him by the legs and lay him by a tree near the women. His dog tag read 'Reg Slivko'.

Finally Lizzie managed to drag the final person out of the rubble. She sat him by a tree before getting a look at his face. One she recognised all to well. The man opened his eyes and Lizzie's shock was mirrored in them.

"Liz? Is that you?" His voice was rough as scratchy and it was clear to Lizzie he was going to pass out any second now.

"Yeah, Jay. It's me." She watched as a smile came onto his face before fading as his eyes closed and his breathing evened out.

Lizzie couldn't believe it. After 11 years of being on that island, no contact with the outside world and when they do come they drop bombs and destroy the homes of all the animals who lived there. And to make it even worse her best friend was in on it. He was helping destroy and claim her home.

"Why couldn't you have been different from the rest James?" She said softly, pushing some out out his face before agilely climbing a nearby tree and waiting for them to wake up.


Cries and shouts came from below and woke Lizzie from her slumber. Three people had come to the crash site and was doing their best to wake up the three sleeping on the ground. Lizzie watched groggily as they tried to figure out how they had gotten out of the copter, and up against some trees.

Conrad was dazed and confused, staring at the ground trying his hardest to figure out if what he saw was real. Was she really here?

He was snapped out of his daydream when Slivko began talking hysterically. He was shouting and hollering into something Lizzie couldn't see.

"Is anybody airborne? I repeat is anybody airborne?"

Conrad had obviously had enough as he turned to Slivko.

"They're all down. Everyone. We're on the south side of the island. There's a river a couple of klicks from here. If we stick to it's banks we'll make it to the exit site on the north shore."

Lizzie sat amused in her tree as they argued about what the hell just happened.

"Well James, you've got your big boy pants on today now don't you?" She murmured to herself.


Lizzie had spent the last few hours following the helpless visitors. If she hadn't been following in the trees then they would be long dead by this point. They were following the trails that Lizzie herself had created.

They were coming to the ruins, outside the village. Lizzie reclined on a branch and waited Marlow's undoubtedly dramatic entrance. When she first came to this island she almost the exact same mistakes they made time and time again so she understood but dear god, she could never remember being this stupid or erratic. Slivko was the worst, jumping at everything he saw, never putting down his gun.

They stood in the middle of the ruins. The Iwis hadn't come from their hiding spots yet, so Lizzie could only guess they were waiting until they were spotted. A gasp broke her from her daydream. The women, who Lizzie had discovered was called Weaver, had seen the Iwis through her camera. Quicker than lightning, they were all surrounded with spears pointing to their necks. Lizzie wanted to jump in and save them... Well save James, but she was stopped when a voice came from behind the Iwis.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Come on now! No need for that! Everybody keep your wigs on now!"

Lizzie threw her head back against the tree and rolled her eyes.


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