Chapter 17

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My phone beeps with another text from Seth and it's a four digit number. What?

A keypad beside the penthouse button lights up, catching my attention. Well someone is spoiled. I press the four digit code in and the elevator smoothly begins it's ascend. Why couldn't Nixon just answer Kelis' call and have her come over, she would have immediately stopped worrying. Guys are so clueless.

The elevator doors open up into a large foyer. A crystal chandelier dangles precariously from the ceiling illuminating the room. The walls are a pristine white with a glistening marble floor leading down the hall. Paintings line each wall but I can tell Nixon didn't pick them out, they seem empty and completely impersonal, they most likely were here before he moved in. The hall opens up to an expansive den that contains a large L shaped light gray sectional, two black chairs, a square coffee table with matching end tables, a huge black rug and a plasma TV mounted on a stone covered wall. The room is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows that give an amazing view of the city. An island separates the kitchen from the den with gleaming stainless steel appliances, dark black cabinets, and shiny white and gray marble counter tops. A bare dining room is placed at the side of the kitchen and just past that is a set of stairs. The penthouse is spotless and I question if Nixon is actually here. He's a very messy guy, he literally leaves traces of himself every where he goes. Maybe I should check the bathroom for any wet towels on the floor.

I make my way up the stairs and down another hallway and begin opening all the doors as I go. Oh ya know just looking through Nixon's penthouse, no biggie, this isn't weird at all. Just invading his privacy. I find three bedrooms, two baths, and a linen closet. I stop in front of the last door, this has to be Nixons room. All the others are practically empty, just a bed and a dresser. I push the last door open, peeking in the room slowly. My eyes widen when I spot him propped up in a chair facing the huge wall of windows. Wow, I couldn't imagine how beautiful waking up and watching the sun set over the city skyline would be.

"I told you to leave me the fuck alone, Seth." He growls, his voice hoarse as if he hadn't spoken in a while.

It gives me chills and I almost exit the room but I have to make Kelis feel better. She's my best friend and I owe it to her for lying about other things.

So instead I shut the door behind me and say, "It's not Seth."

Nixons head whips around so fast it gives me whiplash. He jumps up and stalks over, his face turning redder by the minute. Wow, he's pissed.

"What the hell are you doing here?" He screams, his voice ricocheting off the walls.

My eyes widen at his loud voice. "I uh— Kelis was upset and wanted me to find you."

I hate that I actually stumble over my words, it's not like I fear him. Okay... maybe I do a little when he just starts screaming out of no where, but I'll never admit it out loud.

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