Chapter 16

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My week goes by extremely uneventful. We decked out the house in Christmas decorations including the seven foot real tree my mother has to have every year. I hate decorating real trees because the stupid pine needles make me break out but my mother doesn't see the artificial ones as an actual Christmas tree.

I'm currently lying on my old twin sized bed I've had since I was six, with my laptop open in front of me scrolling through my endless news feed on Facebook. Needless to say I'm bored out of my mind. Most people don't beg for break to be over but god I cannot wait. I love my parents, I really do— it's just there's only so much family time a person can handle in two weeks which is the exact reason I'm holed up in my room surfing the internet the day before Christmas.

My phone rings and I nearly fall off my tiny bed as I jump to answer it. I need some contact from the outside world even if it's just a telemarketer trying to sell me an extended warranty on a car I don't own!

"Hello!" I practically scream.

"Ryan! I can't find Nixon." Kelis' loud sobs suddenly bursts from the speaker on my phone.

I frown and run my fingers through my long hair. Can't find him?

"What do you mean you can't find him?" I ask, voicing my thoughts.

She sniffles. "I mean like I haven't been able to find him for four days!"

I slam my laptop shut and sit it to the side. "Four days? Have you tried calling him?"

"Well duh." She huffs.


If anyone knows where Nixons at its Seth.

"He's the one that had me call you. I'm so worried! I know you don't know a lot about his past but holidays are an extremely sore spot for him, he likes to disappear but I thought he had stopped, he hasn't done this in a year! Do you have any idea where he would be?"

My mind races at her words and I wonder if his sore spot has anything to do with his ex-girlfriend Knox? Maybe they were together for a really long time. If Seth doesn't know where he's at how am I suppose to know? Its not like he ever tells me anything. The only place I can think of is the basement but surely Seth would have checked there and I doubt anyone would be partying the day before Christmas.

"I have no idea, Kel." I mumble sadly.

Her sobs chill me to the bone as she breaks down on the other side of the phone. I wish I could make her feel better but I would have to find Nixon to do that. Guess I better dig deep into my detective skills and start looking.

"I'm going to call around and see if anyone has talked to him, okay?" I lie.

I don't have any friends other than Seth and Kelis much less a group to call.

"Oh, thank you so much Ryan, you're the best!"

"Don't say that until I find him." I give a nervous laugh.

After talking Kelis into calming down we hang up and I get dressed. If I go out through the front door my Dad and Taylor will no doubt question where I'm going and that cannot happen so I write a short note to Taylor leaving it on my pillow in case he comes in here while I'm gone and I sneak out through the window. Once I'm outside I slip inside Taylor's old Honda, glad his car is extremely quiet and that I have a spare key which he will probably revoke after this but oh well, I'm doing this for Kelis. Completely for Kelis because I don't care about Nixons whereabouts but she does and he should be ashamed of himself for making her worry.


"Seth, I'm going to murder you slowly if you don't tell me where Nixon is right this minute." I growl into my phone, tightening my grip on the steering wheel.

I know he knows where Nixon is.

"Babe, like I told Kelis I don't—"

"Seth don't give me that shit because I'm not buying what you're selling. If you don't tell me where he is I will ask Kelis for your address and I will drive there and you will not be ready for what I will do to you!"

How could he prolong Kelis' hurt for four days? He should have called Nixon and made him come home so she wouldn't be upset. It's the freaking day before Christmas she should be relaxing with her family, feeling loved and comforted not abandoned!

"I don't—"

I growl in the phone shutting him up instantly. "Seth, I swear if you say it one more time I will make you write it on a piece of paper with your own blood and then you will eat it. Understand? Now tell me the truth because I know you know where he's at so stop lying!"

I hear him curse on the other end of the phone before he sighs and I can't help but smirk in victory. Not like he'll ever know.

"Jesus, who knew you could be so damn violent, babe." He groans. "Fuck, he's going to kill me. You know that, right?"

I roll my eyes. "He won't be able to when I'm through with that inconsiderate, conceited, arrogant—"

"He's has an apartment on 5th three blocks from school. No one knows about it but me."

Maybe that's where he goes when he doesn't stay in our dorm room. Why would you even live in the dorms if you had an apartment? That would solve all of my problems.

"Thanks Seth, you're the best."

I can practically see the cocky smirk on his lips. "Oh babe, I already knew that."

"Yeah, you're still not off the hook, babe." I mock him and hang up.

Serves him right. How dare he withold important information. I had to threaten him the day before Christmas. Now I'm probably on Santa's bad list. My mother raised me better than this, I can practically hear her in my head scolding me. Santa I'm sorry but it had to be done, it was the only way he would tell me and it was almost a life or death situation. Well not really but it was still pretty serious. I mean my best friend is practically broken over this. I wouldn't have really made him write it in blood... I so would have made him it eat though. See how it tasted, little information hoarder. I bet he knows what happened between Nixon and Knox, maybe I'll squeeze that out of him next time. Although I guess it really isn't any of my business but then again it sort of is— Nixon kissed me so I should know if he's still involved with this girl and she also two timed Nixon with my brother. Damn, Santa won't be bringing me anything this year if I keep thinking like this. What has happened to me? Stupid college. And mom wants me to experience more things, well here I am mom. I snuck out of the house, stole my brothers car, threatened a guy the day before Christmas, and now I'm headed to a guys apartment. Proud?

Seth texts me the address to Nixons apartment after I so graciously end our conversation so I'm able to find it. In no time I park in the parking garage and slip inside the shiny elevator. I look at Seths text to see which floor and I'm confused when all it says is top floor. My fingers follow the circular buttons labeled with numbers until they stop at the very top.


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