Chapter 15

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"Sweetheart you look too thin have you have been eating?"

I groan at the question. My mother is one of those mothers that constantly worry about Taylor and I. I made her swear she wouldn't text or call me unless it was an extreme emergency for my first few months of college so I could get settled in without texting her back every two seconds.

I purse my lips. "Mom I eat more at the Caf than I ever did here."

I swear it's the truth especially when I hang out with Seth, he's always hungry.

She frowns. "Hopefully it's healthy food and not just nasty greasy food."

"Mom why don't you ask Taylor about how schools going with him?" I huff.

I'm tired of the attention already.

She shrugs stirring the pot of whole wheat pasta that's boiling on the stove top. "Your brother knows that campus like the back of his hand by now, I just want to make sure you're doing okay. You never talk to me anymore and I couldn't text you unless your father or I was dying."

"Whatever." I mumble dipping my finger in the marinara sauce.

Yum! My mother is the best cook, even if she does stuff some healthy food in there, it always tastes amazing.

She smacks my hand with her spoon and I jump back, dodging the wooden utensil as she waves it at me in warning.

She gives me a glare before going back to stirring her pasta. "So, any guys on campus catching your eye yet?"

She has no idea that my guy life is sort of a mess right now. I mean I just found out Taylor fell in love with Nixons girlfriend, Nixon the asshole is my roommate, oh and he kissed me, Seth fought a guy because he said I gave him a blow job, and Spencer is a creepy, lying, asshole.

I shrug. "Eh, not really looking."

She frowns and sits her spoon down. "Ryan this is college, you should be taking advantage of every experience you can get."

My mouth falls open. "It sounds like you want me to sleep around."

What does she want me to do, walk up to a random guy and say, 'hey will you take my virginity?'. Yeah, no thanks!

"No honey, I just want you to experience things while you're still young and not have any regrets."

I rub my face in annoyance. "Mom, please stop. I'm not going to regret focusing on me while in college when I actually end up with a career afterward."

She hmphs because she doesn't like not getting her way. "Your brother will have a career after college and he goes out with girls all the time."

I'm not sure I would consider what he does as going out.

"Yeah but he'll be in the NFL, we all know it."

She shakes her head. "No we don't. He doesn't have to be drafted to be successful, his business degree will ensure that."

Taylor has always been the favorite, the golden boy. He excels in everything he does; sports, school, he was even validictorian when he graduated high school. Sure I'm smart and I get good grades but that's because I study like a mad woman a week before the test so that by the time I take it I don't freeze and forget everything whereas Taylor can party all night, not even look in his book once, and ace a test the next day. I just don't get it.

"But we all know I would look damn good in an Eagles jersey." Taylor says entering the kitchen with a cocky smile on his face.

It's mind blowing he and Seth aren't friends, they're practically cut from the same cloth.

Mom pats his cheek before pinching it, making him swear. "Don't curse in front of women, dear, its not attractive or polite and I raised you better."

"Yes ma'am." He mumbles glaring at me over mom's shoulder as I laugh silently and point my finger at him.

"Wipe that sour look off your face and tell me about this girl you've been seeing." She squeals clapping her hands together.

My eyes widen. Taylor is seeing someone, how did I not know about that?

Taylor looks away. "Uh..."

I narrow my eyes at him. What a little liar. No wonder she's on my back about guys, she thinks Taylor is dating someone!

"Her name is Claire." He shifts on his feet.

A huge smile spreads across mom's face. Taylor already looks guilty. Yeah, you should mister, look how happy she is at the thought of a girl catching your eye. What she doesn't know is a lot of girls catch Taylor's attention but none of them keep it for very long.

"What a lovely name! Is she from around here? Do I know her parents?" Our mother questions him with her hands clasped together.

He rubs the back of his neck, visibly uncomfortable with this conversation. "Uh no, she's from out of state."

Mom grabs the pot of boiling noodles and pours them into a colander to drain. "Out of state? Surely you know where she's from."

I smirk at him. "Well this has been fun but I'm going to go see what Dad's doing."

My mom gives me a smile. "Okay, dinner will be ready in ten minutes. Tell your father to wash up."

I nod and exit the kitchen, trying my best not to laugh at Taylor's facial expression. I find my dad in the living room on his laptop as usual.

He looks up as I enter the room and shuts the computer, placing it on the coffee table in front of him.

He pats the couch cushion beside him. "Come have a seat, Ry." I take a seat and he pulls me into his chest, patting my arm. "How have you been, sweetheart? How's college life?"

I sigh. "College is good and I've been good. How 'bout you?"

"I've been good. Your mother has driven me crazy now that both of you are out of the house. She doesn't know what to do with herself. She's started a garden out back just to fill her time."

My Mom has always been a stay at home Mom. She had a job before Taylor was born but she decided it was best to stay here and raise us. Dad is an accountant for a big firm in town so he made enough that she didn't have to work if she didn't want to. She ran the PTO when we were in school, she was always at Taylor's games, and she even chaperoned field trips and dances. Needless to say I didn't go to a lot of either. It's pretty embarrassing when you're at a dance and go to get a cup of punch but your mother comes over and smacks your hand, telling you to drink water instead because the punch may be spiked.

"I can imagine." I laugh. "She wanted me to tell you to wash up, dinners almost ready."

Dad stands up, towering above me to go do just as he had been instructed. It's weird to think someone as small as my mother can boss someone as looming and tall like my father. It just doesn't make sense. I asked dad about it one day and all he said was 'One day you'll fall in love and be doing crazy things like this and then you will understand.'.

I don't think I would appreciate it much if my husband bossed me around so I highly doubt I would obey but father's know best, I guess.

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