Chapter 3

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Kelis knew everything about everyone. Whenever something happened, whether it be a party or someone got knocked up, she knew about it.

She's currently a Junior getting her BA in criminal justice. She's going to make a really good cop, that's for sure, but she says it's just for fun. She says she probably won't even use the degree and will end up as the CEO of her Dads company. I have no idea why you would want to go to college for fun but whatever. She could at least go for a business degree but maybe her parents are loaded and don't care.

"Hey Kel have you seen Nix?" A cute blonde haired guy asks, stopping us.

He has deep chocolate brown eyes and the cutest dimples in each of his cheeks when he smiles. He's tall with broad shoulders and muscular arms, dressed in black jeans, a black t-shirt, and black Vans.

"No, I haven't seen him around today." I catch a wicked gleam in her eye before she shoves me into him. I stumble, my hand reaches out to brace myself against his broad chest and I stare up at him with wide eyes. How awkward. "Meet Ryan Knightley."

He looks down at me and flashes me a panty dropper smile. "Hi Ryan Knightley, I'm Seth Jameson."

"Hi." I mumble completely stunned.

He squints his chocolate eyes at me. "Knightley, that sounds awfully familiar."

"That's because she's your enemy's sister." Kelis smirks.

I wonder why he and Taylor are enemies? Taylor has always gotten along with pretty much everyone unless they were trying to date me.

Seth takes a step back, his eyes rolling down my body. "Well shit, I have to say you're way better looking than Taylor."

My cheeks heat up in embarrassment. "Thanks."

He stares at me a moment before looking at Kelis with his eyebrows furrowed. "I didn't know Taylor had a sister."

"I know, talk about holding out on us." She winks. "Well, we have to continue our tour, you can tag along if you want."

His eyes linger on me and then flick over to Kelis. "Damn, I wish I could but I have to find Nix, he got fucking wasted last night."

Kelis crosses her arms. "And why the hell did you let him do that?"

Seth gives her an incredulous look. "Like I could have stopped him."

"You could have at least called me and I would have stopped him." She huffs.

Seth shakes his head. "Hell no you couldn't have, not last night."

I feel bad for listening in on what seems like a private conversation but I don't really have anywhere else to go and I definitely don't  want to go back to my room and have to face naked boy. I've seen enough of him to last the rest of the year.

Kelis heaves a defeated sigh. "Fine, just text me when you find him so I know he's okay."

It makes me wonder who this Nix guy is to Kelis, she seems genuinely worried about him. Maybe it's her boyfriend?

Seth nods at Kelis and lightly squeezes my shoulder. "See you around, Ryan Knightley."

I stare at his back as he saunters off and my cheeks turn warm. He sure knows how to leave an impression.

"Oh my gosh, you so have a crush on him." Kelis nudges me.

"No I don't." I mumble back.

We literally just met.

She gives me a disbelieving look and smirks. "Okay..."

We start walking again and Kelis points out a large building. "That's Marshall Hall which is where my dorm is. We can hang out there sometime but I warn you now, it's a suite so I share it with two other girls but they're cool. I'm only warning you in case you ever come over and hear strange noises, they both are very sexually active." She laughs.

Maybe getting one roommate over two is better? Except if my roommate brings anyone to our room I would see everything, even more than the eyeful I got this morning.

We step inside a coffee shop that's beside Marshall Hall and get in line. I definitely could use some caffeine.

"So where's your dorm and who's your roommate?" Kelis asks taking a sip of her latte.

I bite my lip and give the guy cash for my espresso. "Why don't we take a seat and I'll tell you all about it."

We grab a seat at one of the empty tables outside the shop and I take a deep breath and dive into my roommate situation.

"Wow, I'm jealous." Kelis smirks.

I gape at her. "Why would you be jealous of me being stuck with a male roommate?"

I'd much rather my roommate be a girl. I thought maybe if I had a good roommate we would end up best friends since we would live together and I would have a partner in crime to share this experience with.

"You get to sleep in the same room as some hot dude. You could hook up all the time and not have to worry about getting busted by your Advisor. Cali got caught last year and we couldn't bring anyone up to the suite for a month because of it." She huffs.

My eyes practically bug out of my head. Like I would just hook up with the guy! Um, no! That would not be a good way to lose my virginity and it would make the situation extra awkward since we live together. Not to mention that a convenient hook-up is definitely not the romantic gesture I had in mind for the plucking of my v-card. No thank you. Not that I romanticize it too much I just want it to be with someone I care about.

"Um, yeah, that won't be happening." I shake my head.

Kelis smiles slyly and leans in close. "You're totally a virgin."

My cheeks burn as I glance around to make sure no one is listening in on our conversation. Its not that I'm embarrassed over being a virgin it's just that I don't think it's the whole world's business.

My choice, my body, my business.

I hold my head up high. "Yes, I am."

She nods. "That makes a lot of sense, now I can see why you wouldn't want to be in this situation. So who's the hottie that you're rooming with?"

I groan, just now realizing I hadn't even gotten his name. "I have no idea. We didn't exactly exchange pleasantries this morning. He's tall and muscular, he has black hair and blue eyes. He interrupted me while I was in the shower and he was completely naked, peeing in the toilet!"

Her nose scrunches up. "Wow, I'm sorry you had a naked muscular guy interrupt your shower." Then she bursts into a fit of giggles.

"It's not funny, Kelis!" I say seriously but I can't help but laugh too.

It does sound pretty comical.

"I would love to trade places with you, girl." She smirks.

"I would totally let you."

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