Chapter 2

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"You're joking, right?" I ask in hopes that they brought back that show Punk'd and Ashton Kutcher would jump out of his hiding place any second now.

"I apologize, but no." The Dean replies.

So maybe I shouldn't have tested the boundaries of karma because it's seriously kicking my ass. Not only am I listed as a guy and placed in the male dorms but the female dorms are currently completely full.

In the end my bags and I were escorted to room C5. The Dean promised to pay for all of my living expenses and he gave me an apology for the misunderstanding and lack of other living options. For the time being I have to remain in Prescott Hall until a female dorm becomes available. Which means someone will have to drop out or transfer before the end of the year. My male roommate has obviously already arrived by the look of the messy right side of the room. Theres piles of clothes in the floor by his bed, it looks as if he literally threw his books down on his desk as half of them are opened and upside down.


I flop down on the bare bed on my side of the room with a tired sigh, my bags mocking me from their place on the floor. I'm not looking forward to unpacking. My phone vibrates with a call from Taylor pulling me from my thoughts.

"Hello." I answer and begin unpacking reluctantly.

"Hey Ry, how's the dorm life going so far?" He asks.

I can hear a girl talking in the background and Taylor says something back to her but his reply is muffled.

I snort. "I just got in here and started unpacking when you called."

"What have you been doing, I dropped you off two hours ago?" He chuckles.

"I had to get some stuff straightened out but I'll tell you about it later. I have to go so I can finish unpacking and pass out for the next two days." I groan.

Honestly a nap sounds amazing right now.

"Alright catch ya later, love you." He says.

Yes, my brother tells me he loves me. I know it kind of goes against 'normal' standards and don't let it fool you into thinking we always get along and that he's not annoying, because we don't and he is. My Mom instilled us to always tell each other because you never know when the last time you'll talk to someone will be.

"Love you too." I reply before hanging up.

Once everything is unpacked and in its place I lock the door, shut off the light, and crawl in bed.

Hopefully tomorrow brings better things than today did.

•  •  •

I wake up with a smile on my face from a dreamless sleep. I slept amazing. I knew purchasing that memory foam mattress topper would be smart considering the horror stories Taylor has told about the uncomfortable dorm beds.

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