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I hate Aaron. Like literally despise that selfish know-it-all.

If he thinks he can easily just scoop violet off her feet like she didn't belong to me, then he has another thing coming!

I've been in love with her since I met her. And now, I was watching him hold her hands as they sat at a cafe. A cafe that was owned by my family.

I didn't know what I could do about it. Anytime I tried talking to her, she'd brush me off like I was just some football jock with half a brain. I'm so much more than that and I wish people could see it.

I knew my blood was beginning to boil and at some point, there would surely be steam flying out of my ears.

I took a deep breath, calm down Jared. Calm the hell down, they're just talking to each other.

What did Aaron have that I didn't have? Did he have some sort of superpower over girls like Violet. That's not an insult to Violet, because I think she's great, I just wish she'd see me as a man and not as a football player.

I sat in my car for a few moments. I'd skipped my last class after lunch because my mom had an emergency at the cafe. I was contemplating entering. They were staring at each other and I just wanted to punch that smug grin off Aaron's oh-so-content face.

I fiddled with my car keys and was about to get out when I saw them stand. The glass window was dimly tinted and the beige walls of my families small cafe reflected against them. I watched as they he lifted her from the ground and stood by the door.

It would be so awkward if I tried walking in right now. The seemed to just gaze at each other, her face softened with every word and I grew angrier by the second.

I decided, I totally was going to rain on their parade.

But within the 10 seconds it took me to decide, Aaron was standing in front of me with the girl of my dreams by his side.

"Jared? Hey man, what're you doing here?" He asked, but he didn't even have to ask. I knew that he somehow knew already. Aaron knows everything.

"My mom called me in for help." I replied, his stance portrayed dominance and I wanted to fight him for it. I wanted to be the solve achiever of Violets heart. Did he even have her heart? Last I heard she had a boyfriend... it wasn't him was it.?

"Nice, I was just about to drop Violet off at home! Do you own this place? The food was delicious." He replied, but by the look that Violet gave him, I quickly inferred that they hadn't even ordered yet. I wasn't about to let this asshole stomp all over my property without having him pay for it.

"Have you tried the new bread bowl? It's our best seller right now! Come on I'll join you guys." I smoothly invited myself to whatever meeting they'd been having and stationed myself besides Violet.

She seemed off-put, seating herself slightly further from me an closer to the wall as Aaron was basically man-splaying across from us. He wanted me to know who was in charge, and I wanted him to disappear.

"So Jared, how's training been?"

"I could ask you that... but you haven't showed up for the past 6 practices."

"I quit the team man. I didn't have time to be bumping heads with brainless dudes when I could be locking lips with the beauty beside you." He said, a smirk showing on his lips as I felt my anger rising. Violet tensed beside me, turning to me and asking if she could use the restroom.

"Excuse me, Jared, I'd like to go use the restroom." She scooted towards me and I stood to let her pass.

"Violet wait!" Aaron called, walking after her.

"Damn man, let the girl use the bathroom." I stood and grabbed his shoulder, a challenge is what I was asking for.

I felt his arm tense as he turned his deathly glare to me. "Don't touch me, man." He said. We locked eyes, tension was so thick and I wanted to strangle him. We were chest to chest, shoulders back as if we were preparing to destroy each other.

"What's your problem Aaron? Give the damn girl some space." I felt the vein in my neck strain.

"Get the fuck out of my face." He moved closer. I would punch him, I'll ban him from this place.

"You first asshole." I muttered.

"Brainless piece of..." As soon as my fist flew to his face, he'd caught my hand in his and pushed me backwards. "Not worth it Jared." He replied.

I looked around, the entire population of the cafe was staring at us. He put my fist down and turned towards Violet, who was probably as clueless as the rest of the people here.

Not worth it Jared?? What the hell did he mean by that? Fighting for Violet's love was totally worth it. Absolutely. A hundred and ten percent.

He stepped back and crossed his arms coolly, a smirk on his face. I wanted to punch him.

"You can always try to punch me Jar, but the second your fist leaves your side, I'll always catch it." He leaned forward and muttered, turning toward Violet after our scene.

She crossed her arms as he approached her, clearly angry. Within seconds, she stomped out of my cafe, and what's sad is I wished I was the guy that followed after her.

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