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Lizzie sat quietly on a tree branch. She casually leaned back on the trunk and watched the small creatures scatter around on the floor below.

Lizzie had lived on skull island for 11 years. It was a long time to live alone and Lizzie barley kept her sanity. Her parents being mad scientists, decided they wanted to be the first to discover Skull Island so they organised an expedition. However, they thought that bringing they're 15 year old daughter was obviously a good plan. Lizzie had fought and screamed. If a place called skull island has never had any inhabitants, and no one has come back from it, surely there must be a reason. Right?

They didn't listen to her logic. Instead they told her that she needed to grow up, after all she was to become a scientist just like them. That made her really mad, she didn't want to be like them, she didn't want to be a scientist.

Even if she wasn't a scientist she knew that the likely hood of them surviving the journey there, the island itself and the journey back was very unlikely. It wouldn't take a genius to figure that out, yet Lizzie was the only one not blinded by her ambition to be the first on Skull Island.

The entire crew died on the journey and the boat crashing into the shore. Her mother was injured whilst looking for water and bled out on the mountain side. Her father went to look for food, ordering her to stay in the half broken boat they were using as shelter. He never came back.

Lizzie had spent weeks raiding the leftover supplies for food and water, she didn't dare leave her safe shelter until three weeks after arriving on the island. It couldn't have been something as simple as falling or getting lost that caused her parents deaths. Lizzie knew there was something out there and chances are it didn't want to be friends.


Lizzie sat on the bench inside her hut. It wasn't too big but wasn't extremely small either. Her grandfather had been a carpenter and he raised her more than her parents did, so needless to say she knew a thing or two about building things. Lizzie had taken things such as beds, utilities, chairs/sofas, anything she could find from the boat and made her own home on the island.

 Lizzie had taken things such as beds, utilities, chairs/sofas, anything she could find from the boat and made her own home on the island

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(Ignore the fairy lights)

She'd managed to set up in the trees, not wanting to be down below with the critters at night. The ants began to whistle and Lizzie tuned her ears to listen.

Over the years she'd managed to grasp what some of the whistles meant; Kong, Skull Crawler and all clear. it was like her early warning system, giving her plenty of time to rush back to her hut if need be.

Lizzie stood from her resting place in the branch and agilely climbed down the tree. She was heading for the village that day, pay the Iwis and Marlow a visit.

When Lizzie first landed on the island she had been on the west part of the island, the worst possible place to be. The first 'adventure' she had was crawling through the years old bones on Kong's parents, running from a skull crawler.

She'd managed to use a piece of rib and stab the ugly looking lizard before running to the centre of the island, not looking back at the mass grave behind her. It had taken until sundown to get to the central part of the island. Lizzie was determined not to go back to the boat, not if it meant going back through that valley. Kong had found her. Brought her to the village borders where they took care of her before she set off on her own.

The Iwis saw her as a brave warrior for this. She was the only person ever on the island to not live behind the big gate. Lizzie didn't want to rely on the villagers, and that was exactly what she told them. However, she promised to visit every now and then or if she needed help.


Lizzie whistled a happy tune as she skipped along the faint path she'd made from her frequent visits to the village, it was quiet in the forest but not too quiet, therefore, it didn't bother her too much. The trek to the village wasn't too far and before long the gate came into view.

The first person Lizzie visited was Marlow. He had become a friend to Lizzie in the years she had been on the island and after how long he had been there, heaven knows he needed it too. Marlow was near hysteric when Lizzie came through the gates and practically skipped to her side.

"Lizzie! It's happening! Well smack me 'round the head and call me Judy! They're coming!" Lizzie had trouble understanding him as he was talking so fast. When she grasped it, she ignored his weird sayings.

"Whose coming Marlow? You really need to specify these things."

Marlow stopped mid-dance but the child like grin didn't leave his expression.

"People Lizzie! People are coming to get us! Oh lord we're going home!" Marlow was shouting at the top of his lungs at this point, and being in a village of people that didn't speak.... Yeah, everyone could hear him.

It took Lizzie a moment or two to process what she had just heard. People were coming to the island, the last time that had happened it ended in disaster. They would be obliterated, if not by the storm then by Kong. He was very protective when it came to his home.

Marlow was still shouting so Lizzie did the only thing she could do... Dragged him by the ear away from the villagers and into the 'sacred boat'.


Lizzie sat on a branch a few feet above her hut roof. It had been a few hours since Marlow told her people were coming but she still couldn't decide what to think about it. She may get to go home.... but when people come to places like Skull Island, they call it a paradise and claim it as theirs; it's what they always do. This time wouldn't be any different.

She jumped onto the roof and clambered down the tree. A garden sat below her hut and a bench placed at the side. She sat down before immediately standing up again and pacing round the garden, if what Marlow said what right then they would be here any minute.

Lizzie scaled the tree once more, cursing herself for her inability to sit still, it was becoming exhausting. She sat on the edge of the 'deck' and retrieved a photo from her pocket. It was a photo of her and her best friend James, but she would often call him Jay to annoy him. It was the day that he went of to boot camp, beginning the training to be a soldier. He was a year older than her but they were inseparable. Lizzie had developed a crush about a year before she left for the expedition. She wanted to tell him and was planning to.... the day her parents dragged her on a boat and told her they were sailing for an uncharted island.

Lizzie sighed before putting the photo back in her pocket and opened her door to go inside, growing tired of waiting.

It was as the door was about to snap shut when she heard it. The unmistakable sound of blades whirring and music blasting. So they had come. Lizzie nearly ripped the door off its hinges in a mad dash to get outside.

Giddy as a child on Christmas Eve, Lizzie leapt for joy at the thought of finally escaping the dammed island.

But her hopes were shattered and dreams crushed when they started dropping bombs on the southeast side of the island.

"I swear people are all the same."

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