Chapter Forty: We are sisters at heart.

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Chapter Forty: We are sisters at heart.

Friday Evening.

AS George was making private phone calls, Lydia was lying on the couch with Angie tooked in her armpit. Both of their eyes glued to the television screen that was playing Frozen.

After Angie found out that George wasn't trying to eat Lydia, she quickly apologised to her brother before grabbing Lydia and turning in frozen.

The Nine-year-old didn't want to miss a single moment with the brunette because she knew that Lydia would be leaving her soon. She didn't want her to leave, ever.

"Lydia, you and George aren't like mom and dad, are you?" Angie asked her, fiddling with her fingers. If they are like mammy and daddy that means I wouldn't be seeing Lydia anymore.

Tears welled up into the young girl's eyes as that thought popped into her head.

She wanted George and Lydia to last forever and ever. Though she knew that she couldn't get everything she wanted.

Lydia smiled sadly at her, she knew what she meant. Were her and George fighting like her parents, the answer was no. They weren't and Lydia knew that there will be arguments but she also knew that she loved George too much to ever hurt him.

"No Angie, George and I aren't like your mother and father," Lydia reassured her.

Breaking into a toothy grin, Angie kissed Lydia's cheek, "thank you."

George hung up the phone call with a smile, this is going to be good. Walking into the living room, he saw the two most important girls in his life, dancing to 'let it go'.


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