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The ants in the trees were silent, you could almost hear the dirt and dust rolling on the ground. The birds quiet in their nests. Mother long legs and Stick walkers, hidden away from the incoming threat. 

The Iwis sat listening. Watching. The tell tale roar of the King, was heard throughout the entire island. He wasn't happy. He knew they were coming.

Lizzie sat still in her garden, the hut behind her shuttered up, with the exception of the door. Her quick route to safety. 

And then the blades could be heard. The music blasting and the calm being disrupted. The helicopters broke through the storm, a dozen of them all in formation. They flew confidently forward not knowing what awaited them on the ground. Although they couldn't be seen from a distance, the sick and twisted grins of the soldiers grew.

And then the bombs dropped...

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