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C H A P T E R 2 4



The first time I met Kaiden, I felt pretty intimidated by him. He stood in front of me with a stoic expression on his face. His eyes were cold and distant, haunted by the memories of his past. If only I had known the first time I met him that he was grieving great losses. Then I could have dealt with all of this sooner - the heartache wouldn't be as bad. But knowing Kaiden deceived me and wasn't planning on telling me sooner, crushes me.

He had so many opportunities to tell me this. So many times to tell me a small part of his life that affected him and me. It's not so much the fact that he had a mate before me that irks me, it's the fact that he and everyone else didn't tell me. The possibility that they were never going to tell me floats in my head and amplifies the hurt.

I march into the pack house, bypassing all of the kind pack members who also knew about Katherine. It would be wrong of me to take my hurt and anger out on them since Kaiden probably ordered them to keep it a secret. Nonetheless, I still ignore all of their greetings.

By the time I've reached Kaiden's office, most of my fury has disintegrated. I have always been someone who can't hold a grudge for very long or stay angry. Since I haven't met many people who make me feel those things, it's all relatively new to me. I inhale and swing the door open, not bothering to knock.

"Kaiden," I say, firmly, stepping into his large and spacious office. His golden eyes drift away from his messy desk and land on me. As usual, they light up, causing my heart rate to increase. His beautiful eyes leave me breathless - and the remaining angry thoughts back away. How can I be mad with him when he's been through so much? He doesn't deserve this reaction. He's lost so much and right now, he doesn't need me arguing with him, he needs a shoulder to cry. Exactly like Zara.

"Are you okay Quinn? Did something happen?" Kaiden questions, looking alert. He quickly rises to his feet, pushing his chair backward, and strides over to me. The concern etched on his face makes me want to smack myself.

"I -" I start, suddenly losing my voice. Now I have the chance to get the rest of the answers that I need and I can't seem to talk. Kaiden's eyes search my face for any answers - for anything. "I...know." I eventually manage to say and swallow.

Kaiden knits his eyebrows together, perplexed. "You know what?"

So Zara didn't contact Kaiden through the pack link. Not long after shifting back, I learned the pros to mind link. Being able to talk to people through my head is pretty incredible. At first, I was startled by it. Hearing Aidan makes a joke scared the hell out of me because he was sat in front of me but his mouth was closed. It took me a few hours to learn how to reply to Aidan who refused to stop talking in my head.

"I was at the nursery and I was talking to Zara," I slowly start, instead deciding to tell him everything that happened. Was I doing it to avoid the inevitable? Which was tell him that I know that his first mate died? Probably. "And she asked me to pick up her jacket."

"Quinn, what is this about?" He interrupts me, frowning.

"Just...listen," I tell him although, it sounds more like an order. Kaiden arches an eyebrow but doesn't press. "A photo dropped out of her coat pocket and landed on the floor. As I picked it up, I noticed it was a picture of two people. One was her and the other..." I pause and focus on Kaiden. I want to know what his reaction is when I tell him. Will his eyes glaze over? Or will he close off all of his feelings and shut me out? I'm hoping its neither and that he does trust me enough to share his feelings.

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