The Arrival

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Dr Cate Connor's POV:

"Ma'am they have the kids and are currently loading them into the vans," one of The League agents said as I walked in. "Thank you and what about Rob... I mean Agent Meadows mission? Has he completed it yet?" I asked in reply. "Umm.. yes it was successful, he and his team mates are on their way back to base as we speak. Shall I inform Mr Grey?" she asked. "No, I'll inform him thank you anyways," I said, suddenly remembering I was supposed to check in 10 minutes ago. "No problem Dr Connor," she said as I walked off towards Clancy's office.

When I reached his office, I gently knocked on the door and I got a small, "Come in" in return. I walked into the room, which had a dark brown wooden desk, a black chair behind it, two red chairs in front of it, a book shelf on one side of the room and a 2 filling cabinets on the other, and Clancy was sitting in the black chair, writing in someone's file but I couldn't figure who's, most likely Y/N's or Liam's. "Clancy, Rob is on his way back with Alex, Liam, Zu and Chubs," I said walking to stand behind the 2 red chairs. "Excellent, call me when they get here," he said. "Yes, sir," I said walking out and making sure the big brown door closed behind me. 

2 hours later:

I walked towards Clancy's office for the second time today, usually I only once if I can help it I won't go at all but today was a special day, for him anyway, as our 'special recruit' was joining us once again and according to Clancy there is no way she will escape again. I reached the big brown door and knocked lightly and once again I was greeted with a small "Come in". I walked in and walked over to my usual spot behind the 2 red chairs. "Dr Connor, am I right in thinking that you are here because you have news on Agent Meadows' mission?" he asked as he looked up from his laptop, he was probably checking to see when the next 'shipment' of kids from The SHFK would be arriving. "Yes, you are correct. They have arrived and have been placed in room A just like you asked," I replied. "And what about there condition?" Clancy asked, remaining eye contact. "Liam has a black eye and 2 broken ribs as he refused to be quiet and they all ended up having to be knocked out using knock-out-gas, Chubs and Zu are both unharmed and Alex was untouched as you requested," I replied, looking through the files Rob had handed me. "Thank you, come back when they are awake, I would like to have a word with Alex," he said, turning his attention back to his laptop. "Yes sir," I said and I started to walk away but I was stopped when Clancy spoke up. "Dr Connor," he started. "Yes.." I replied getting very anxious. "Drop the sir, it's too over the top, Clancy will do," he finished. "Yes sir... I mean Clancy," I said as I replied walking out of his office, once again making sure the door closed. God better have mercy on these 4 kids, cause only He knows what Clancy has in store for them, I thought to myself as I walked away from the office and towards room A to see if any of them were awake yet.

I arrived at room A and typed the code, 067450 and pushed the door open as it unlocked to reveal 4 still unconscious kids and I subconsciously let out a breath that I was unaware I had been holding in as I unlocked the door. If their unconscious Clancy can't talk to any of them which is a good thing as it means Clancy can't persuade them to do bad things in order to safe their friends, I thought to myself as I exited the room closing the door and watching the light above the panel change from green to red, signalling it had locked. So if they stay unconscious, they will technically stay safe until I manage to get them out of here. I thought to myself as I pressed a button which quickly made room A fill with the same knock-out-gas as the device did. That will stop Clancy from making any of them do anything they'll regret in the not-so-distant future. I thought as I started to make my way back to the control room to see Rob.

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