Do You Know Me?

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Loving someone till the end is really hard. What's hard about it was not because the time we used to love them, but it was when you realized the time is up.

I kneeled down, presenting the deepest apology gesture to my mourning mother. Crying since minutes ago, she keeps calling out my name even though I know it will just hurt her more when she didn't get a reply from her daughter.

Her dead daughter that is.

" Ahhh!! My poor poor daughter Hasu... Why... Why?! Why do you have to leave me first?! Ahhh!! No! No! This is... All wrong!! "
Tears running down her face as she melting down on the floor. Letting out all of her grimace and agony.

Behind her, stand an expressionless man. Wearing his usual suit for work and accompanied by his old personal assistant.

As timid as ever, father never changes. Not even a tear for me, neither consolation for mother. But I don't hate him for it, that's just how my father is. And that's just how I am, accepting him.

But now it's the day where I have to let go this cruel yet beautiful world.

Still bowing my head on the floor, if not because I saw a shadow at the edge of my eyes, I won't realize the Shinigami arrival.

" What are you doing, Hasu Tsukiko? "
A man's voice. A deep one, but he sounds pretty relaxed.

I get up my head and turn to the side, looking up at the strange man with black kimono and... A pink haori?

" I was presenting my utmost apology to my parents. "
I replied smiling then proceed to get up on my feet.

The man is not alone, he came in a group of people... With the same black clothes. Ah, so the death angel really do wear black clothes. But they look more humane than I thought.

" Why did you kneel? Did you do something-- "
I was on my way to get up, but I didn't think that... Laying on my bed for 2 years make my legs become weak. I almost lose my balance if it's not because another Shinigami with sunset hair color hold my waist up.

" You alright? "
He asked in a kind of surprised manner.

" I'm fine, thank you. Looks like my legs has not recovered yet. "

" Don't worry, but you need to grab a hold on something then. "

" Um, but I'm not able to touch anything yet. "

" At least in this world. I'll found you a cane or something similar to do the job. "

" Thank you, sorry for troubling you so much. "
I bowed to him lightly as I grab a hold on his sleeve, for the meantime. Now that I look at him closely, honestly he looked just like a normal older brother.

" Now that you already understand about your own death, and I'm pretty sure you know who we are, this will make things fast. "
The man in pink haori then bring up the main subject they're here.

" Ah yes, I didn't know about when will I die—I mean, that's just how it should be, but at least I know about the Shinigami who will come to take me to Soul Society. "

" You even know about Soul Society? "

" Yes, Sousuke-San told me about it once and I remember all of it! "
Oops, I didn't mean to squeaked like that.

" Hmm... Is that so? That make things fast then, fortunately. "
The old man with pink haori scratched his sideboards and steal glances to outside the window.

" We should hurry then, you'll be in pain if you keep standing like this. "
Blonde onii-San crouched down to me and unsheathe his sword... Woah, I just realized how big that sword actually is.

I'm not afraid, but I wonder what is the relation between me need to go to the other world as soon as possible with him unsheathe his sword.

Now that observing his action, he's not pointing his sword at me, or to be exact, not the blade. Instead, he point the bottom of the handle at my forehead.

" Now I'll send you to the other side. You'll arrived at the front gate but don't worry you'll meet a nice man who's in charge of showing you how things get done. Oh and by the way, I'm Kurosaki Ichigo, a...kind of Shinigami. "
He smiles awkwardly but I can feel his sincerity in his words. Even just from his eyes, I can tell that he's a good person.

Haha, what am I saying? Judging a person even though I died young? And spent my last 2 years without any friend not people that I can talk to.

" My name is Hasu Tsukiko, nice to meet you, Kurosaki nii-San. Oh and, would you mind if I give my last farewell to my parents? "

" You do know that they can't hear your voice anymore, right? "
The pink haori man remind me.

" Of course, don't worry, it won't be long. It's just a simple last bow. "

As what I said, I look at my crying mother who's now in my father's embrace. Even the coldest person that I know in this world, is still able to make the right choice to comfort mother in this situation.

I bowed lightly at them for my final goodbye. How strange it is, that this final goodbye seems more simple than my apology of leaving them first.

" Otou-sama, Okaa-sama, I'll be going now. Please, live a healthy and happy life. Goodbye. "
After that, I turned around to the Shinigami and walked toward Kurosaki nii- San position.

Still holding the bottom of his sword's handle, Kurosaki nii-San smiles at me assuringly.

" You're done? "

" Yes, thank you for waiting. "

" It's alright. Now...close your eyes, and just relax... "

" O-okay... "

" See you soon, Hasu. "

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