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'hyejin, give it back!' i screamed as i ran after my little sister.
in her hands she had the box of letters.
'no! what are these anyway?!' she screamed back while running away from me.
'it's none of your business, now give it back!' i yelled.

she giggled as she ran to the bathroom and locked the door.
that's it, i'm doomed.

'letters? who even writes letters nowadays?' i heard her ask from behind the bathroom door.
i heard a couple of faint noises, like paper.

'hyejin are you reading them?!' i asked with widened eyes.
it was quiet for a couple of seconds.
'what? uh- no..'
i felt like screaming, those letters were top secret and so embarrassing.

'wow, miyeon i didn't know you could be so sweet.' i heard her say, and then the bathroom door opened.
'you should send them out.'
i choked when i heard her say that.
'are you crazy?' i asked her and grabbed the box out of her hands.
i opened the lid and when i counted all seven letters, i sighed in relief.
'alright alright, your secrets are safe with me.' she smiled at me and i rolled my eyes.
'just never go through my stuff again.'

i opened my closet and placed the box down again, but this time on a different place than before, hoping hyejin won't find it again.

i took one last look at the box before covering it up and closing the closet again.

i really need to find a better hiding spot.

i sighed and ran my hand through my hair.
i know hyejin told me she would keep my secret safe, but i still didn't feel like she was telling the truth.
those letters are my only way of expressing my feelings, without letting the person know.

yes, i do write the addresses on them, but that's just for decoration purposes.. i guess?

i sighed and threw myself on my bed, soon enough i felt myself falling asleep.

when i woke up to the sound of my alarm i saw that i was still wearing my clothes.
i quickly got up, took a shower and did my morning routine.

i walked downstairs and was greeted by my dad and my little sister, hyejin.

'goodmorning sunshine!' my dad smiled.
'goodmorning dad' i smiled back at him.
my sister said goodmorning aswell and gave me a little smirk, but i didn't think too much about it.
i ate my breakfast and decided to walk to school.

'miyeon, wait up!' i heard someone yell in the distance.
i turned around and saw my bestfriend running up to me.
'goodmorning naeun.' i greeted her and gave her a little smile.
she tried to catch her breath and greeted me back, and then we walked to school together while talking about all kinds of stuff.

'naeun, my little sister found out about the letters.' i said and saw that naeun looked at me with a confused expression written all over her face.
'hyejin found the box?' she asked me, and i nodded.
'she said she would keep it a secret, but i don't trust her.' i said and chuckled a bit, but i didn't think it was funny at all.
if the seven of them found out it would be hell.

'miyeon, you really got to stop doubting your sister! she's so kind!' naeun said while giving me a playful push.
'i know, i know.' i started.
'it's just, i don't want them to find out.' i ended my sentence.
'and they won't, just believe hyejin for once.' naeun smiled to me.

and for the rest of the day, i forgot about it.
and i actually believed that hyejin wouldn't do such a thing.

until i got home.

as usual, i opened the front door and placed my bag in the hall next to the staircase.
'i'm home!' i yelled while hanging up my coat.
i walked to the kitchen and found hyejin sitting there, working on her homework.

'what are you working on?' i asked her while pouring myself a drink.
'nothing special, just a project that's due tomorrow.' she answered while still focusing on her work.
'oh, good luck then. you can do it!' i encouraged her and took my drink.

i entered my room and placed my glass down on my desk.
i wanted to put on some music until i noticed something different.

the closet door wasn't closed.

but that was weird, because i could've sworn i closed it before i left..

i walked over to my closet and wanted to close the door, but then i remembered that evil little smirk on hyejin's face this morning.

i quickly searched for the box and felt a wave of relief rush through my body when i found it in the exact same spot.
i opened the lid, hoping to find the letters but,

they were gone.

i ran downstairs holding the empty box in my hands.

'what is this?' i asked while holding up the box and closing hyejin's laptop.
'your box?' she answered.
'yeah, but why is it empty?' i asked her.

she opened her laptop again and answered my question.
'i sent them out.'
'you did what?!' i asked her in disbelief.
'i sent them out.' she answered again, without looking up from her laptop.
'why would you do that?!' i yelled.
'look miyeon, you didn't want to do it, so someone had to do it for you. besides, if you didn't want them to be sent out why would you put an address on them?' she asked while looking at me.

i sighed, walked to the couch and face planted right into the pillows.

this was bad, really bad.

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