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jungkook watched as the man stumbled into the room,looking up at him in fear.

"so,i see you've been talking about me behind my back,mr jung?"jungkook smiled, but something about it just made the man's skin crawl.

"n-no,boss,i would n-never dare."the man,mr jung,stammered,he knew what would happen."rubbish."jungkook smirked, "come closer."

the man did so,until he was a few feet away from jungkook.he kneeled.

"i-i'm sorry,please forgive me and give me another chance,mr jeon.it-it was a mistake."the man cried,shaking and jungkook just stared at him with a wicked, twisted smirk.

he grabbed his gun,pointing to the man's arm,"should i shoot here?"he moved the gun to another part of the poor man's body,"or here?"

jungkook put his finger at the trigger,but the door opened and closed,making jungkook look at the door.

"ah,"a man walked in,a shocked expression on his face,"taehyung."

taehyung smiled a bit,"are you killing someone again,kook?"jungkook smirked, "you know it.come here,tae."

taehyung did so ,and jungkook glared at mr jung."shut your fucking eyes before i blow them out,jung."

shaking,the man did as told and jungkook unzipped his pants,motioning for taehyung to sit on his lap.

taehyung came close with a small smile as jungkook pulled down taehyung's pants just till his ass at the back was exposed, before pulling the man down onto his cock.

it wasn't obvious they were fucking,their pants just at the right angle where no skin could be seen but taehyung's face rold otherwise.

he let out a moan,and jungkook smirked ," now,don't make any noise,baby."

taehyung nodded,breathing heavily.

jungkook smiled,"open your eyes,jung."

mr jung immediately opened them,looking up at jungkook in worry."i really am sorry, boss!"he whimpered,taehyung biting down on his lip when jungkook thrust himself up a bit.

"you,"jungkook gave mr jung a look,"mr jung,are going to be shot."

he jerked up a bit,taehyung letting out a small squeak as he hid his face in jungkook's neck,his arms around the man.



the room fell silent,until mr jung screamed, blood oozing out of his shoulder.

taehyung whimpered,"don't kill him,"he whispered,but jungkook just smirked as he thrust himself up.

mr jung was too busy screaming and crying in pain to notice what they were doing.

"m-mr j-jeon i-"


more blood oozed out the man's other shoulder.

taehyung moaned,jungkoom hitting his prostate roughly;"please stop that."

mr jung screamed as jungkook smirked.


his leg.


his other leg.


his stomach.

the man was collapsed on the ground, taehyung softly sobbing from both the death and the way jungkook made him feel. "y-you idiot!i told you not to-ah!"


his head.

"boom,you're gone."jungkook whispered, smiling as the room became silent.

jungkook smirked as he thrust himself up roughly,sure,he was getting tired but he didn't care,taehyung's moans getting in sync with the slams.

"a-ah,jeon,"taehyung moaned,jungkook groaning,"finally we're alone,tae baby."

taehyung whimpered,his face hidden in the crook of jungkook's neck as they ignored the dead body,and jungkook began fucking the brains out of taehyung.

he gripped onto taehyung's waist as he dropped the gun,slamming the boy up and down,making taehyubg whimper and moan.

"ahh,ngh- ah shit!"taehyung whisper-screamed as his own cock twitched and he came in his pants."good boy."jungkook smiled as he thrust himself up,moaning and coming into taehyung.

"f-full,"taehyung whined,"like it."

jungkook smirked.

sure,jungkook was a sicko but they worked well together.

an once innocent boy before he met jungkook and a leader of a gang who loved killing too much.


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