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i just wanted to give a quick explanation before I'm getting attacked (:

this story is inspired by the netflix movie to all the boys i've loved before and based on an edit i stumbled upon a few days ago on youtube.
cr: tastethegold


hi, my name is miyeon.

i'm just a normal girl, except i write letters to my crushes.
i only write a letter when I have a crush so intense, i don't know what else to do.

there are seven letters in total.

first up; huang renjun.
he's someone with a heart of gold, and he's always smiling.. well, most of the time.
one day i accidentally bumped into him, and his smile made me feel weak for a reason.
everyone know him as a smart one, and the face he makes when he's concentrating on something is just adorable.

second; zhong chenle
i ran into him at a party, i was looking for my friends and there he was.
it was like love at first sight.

third; na jaemin
my old tutor actually, he lives next door and helped me out with maths, which I was failing miserably.
the time we spent together was amazing, he always made me laugh and for some reason when he tutored me i actually enjoyed math.

fourth; lee jeno
one of the most popular guys in school, also the captain of the basketbal team.
i actually have no good reason for having a crush on him, there was just something so beautiful about him.

fifth; lee donghyuck
also one of the most popular guys in school, and jeno's best friend.
there's no good reason for liking him also, but he shines like the sun, and his laugh is the most wonderful thing you'll ever hear.

sixth; park jisung
he's younger than me, and also the shyest one of them all.
I guess that's why i thought he was so cute.
his smile is precious and his cute little red cheeks when he blushes makes my heart melt.

and last, but not least; mark lee
he's my classmate, and one of my close friends.
one day he treated me to ice cream when I wasn't feeling great. I had the time of my life and i guess i've been liking him since that day.
he's also the boy i'm currently in love with.

i keep the letters hidden away in a box in my closet, and the only few people who know about the letters are my little sister and my best friend.

the reason why i keep these letters to myself, is because they're way too embarrassing for anyone to read, i basically write down every single thing i love about that person.

but one day, everything changed, and all seven letters were gone.


( p.s check out the editor! don't sleep on his/her talent (: )

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