Frequently Asked Questions [Updated]

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Q. Can I enter my story if it's written in a contest book/collection?

No, it's important that the novella is a standalone publication on your Wattpad profile. For prizing and reading list purposes we aren't able to accept contest entry collections or other short story collections.

Q. Does my story need to have a cover?

Not necessarily. While the absence of a story cover won't affect your score or penalise you in any way, we do recommend having one if you wish to claim our participation/milestone/winner stickers.


Q. Where are the story prompts?

You'll find all the story ideas contained within the "Contest Prompts" chapter at the end of this guide book, available from January 1st 2019.

Q. Do I have to follow these prompts? Or can I write my own story?

Yes, it is a contest requirement to include at least one prompt. The prompts are general guidelines and are designed to be as non-restrictive as possible. Providing it's clear to those judging that your story is inspired by one of the given story ideas, you're free to write your story as you see fit. It's an open contest in this regard.

Q. Are the prompts for specific genres, or can I write any genre for any prompt?

Yes, any prompt, any genre. The story ideas are designed to be as open as possible and regardless of the prompt you choose, providing it's clear to those judging which prompt it was, you should feel free to tell the story you want to tell.

Q. Can I use more than one prompt?

Yes! You can mix and match to your heart's content. When the time comes to submit your story via submission form, simply pick out the most relevant prompt, or, if your prompts are weighted equally, pick out the one that appears first in the story.

Q. I'm not entering the contest but I want to use a prompt, is that okay?

You're welcome to write using any prompt you like, you don't even have to credit us.

Q. Can I change the prompt a bit? For example, a character's gender, the setting, or a specific detail?

The contest is as open as it can be, so you are welcome to change parts of the prompt to your liking. As long as those judging the story are able to see you've based a story off a prompt, your novella will still qualify.

Q. Can I use/make up my own story title?

Absolutely. The titles given to the prompts are for reference only. If you do want to name your story using the same title as the prompt, you are also welcome to do so too.


Q. Do author's notes count towards the word goals?

No, only literary material will count. This means that author's notes, casts, character bios, playlists, credits, acknowledgements, forewords, prefaces, epigraphs (and other non-literary introductory material and front matter) won't be part of the word count.

Prologues and epilogues are considered literary (story) material, so will count towards the word goal.

Q. Does it have to be a single chapter reaching 2,000, 8,000, words, etc?

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