Submissions Open

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It's really easy to submit your story, simply use this submission form and use the #OpenNovellaContest2019 tag in your story settings.

Important!: If you make it through each round, you will need to submit your story again before each deadline so that we know you still want to be in the contest.

Feel free to share your story with others by using the #OpenNovellaContest2019 tag and/or in the comments below, too. You never know who you might meet! Maybe somebody chose the same story idea as you?

How about putting (Open Novella Contest) or (ONC Entry) in your title, too? That way readers and authors alike can see at a glance that you're entering!

We will be assessing stories on the following.

Spelling and grammar

Narrative voice

Relation to theme

Creative execution

And we have some of the best people judging!

Also, judging and prizes aside, we want you to write something that you'll be proud of.

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