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January 1st: Launch day! Story prompts get announced.

Weeks 1 to 4: This is your chance to brainstorm, plan, draft, and write at least the first 2,000 words of your novella. Submit your Wattpad story via the submission form. Reach 2,000 words by January 29th 2019.

Week 5 and 6: Judging for the 2,000 word milestone will begin. You're free to continue planning and writing while the Ambassadors work on this! We'll only be assessing the first 2,000 words at this point.

Week 7 and 8: At the start of Week 7 we'll announce the shortlisters for Round 2 and the Round 1 winner. This is your window to write to the next milestone and re-submit your entry. Reach a total of at least 8,000 words by 26th February 2019.

Week 9 and 10: Judging for the 8,000 word milestone will begin. You're free to continue planning, editing and writing. We'll only be assessing up to the first 8,000 words at this point.

Week 11 and 12: Shortlisters and Round 2 winner will be announced. This is your final window to reach the ultimate 20,000 word milestone and earn that gold 20k sticker! Reach this goal (or more, if you like!) by 26th March 2019.

Week 13 and 14+: The final judging process will commence, which may take a bit of time. We'll only be assessing up to 20,000 words, but you're free to write more, up to 40,000 words (any longer and it stops being a novella).

Early April: Our winners and grand winner will be contacted and announced across all participating profiles, as well as awarded their prizes, stickers, and added to a special reading list on the Open Novella Contest profile page.

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