Chapter 4: What the Hell is going on?

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Tonight is going to be a good night. I can already see it...


I absolutely love Andy. He is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. I know i have only known him for one day but it feels like I had known him for years. I walk towards the bus and go in to grab a beer and Andy's Cigarettes then go outside to wait for Savannah and Ashley to finish their shower. I walk to the side of the bus and sit down. I hear the jinggling of many many belts and automatically know who it is. "Hey sexy." He says and sits next me and holds my hand. "Are those my Cigarettes?" He says pointing to the pack. "I'll buy you a new pack." I say standing up and getting my wallet. "You will not!" Andy says picking me up bridal style and throwing my wallet at the Asking Alexandria bus. He stares at me then he starts to kiss me. I drop my beer. "NO! MY BEER!" Andy opens the bus door and looks at me then says, "I'll give you something better than a beer." He carries me to the back of the bus and puts me on the bed. I think I can survive tour.


"I'm gonna let you take the rest of your shower." Ashley opens the curtain. I grab Ashley's arm and pull him back into the shower. "Let's save water." I say pulling Ashley closer to me. "Okay. But only because we are saving the world." He says looking me in the eye. I start laughing really loud. "Hey, Could ya kinda keep it down in there!!" I hear Jake scream. He sounds drunk. He slurred every word. "Sorry Jake!!" Ashley screams sticking his head out of the Shower Curtain. Ashley starts to kiss me but then breaks the kiss and turns me around and I let out a little scream but I covered my mouth. Ashley grabs the Shampoo and starts to wash my hair and I do the same. We dry off and walk out of the bathroom hand in hand. We start to hear heavy breathing coming from Jake's top bunk. Ash and I climb and open it thinking that it would be Jake and some hooker from the bar. "Jake.." CC said breathing heavily. "WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK?!" Ashley says climbing down and running out of the bus with only a towel on. "Damn, Jake!" I say laughing and running after Ashley.

***ANDY'S POV***

I hear a sudden scream come from Ashley then stomping. "Damn." I say then I get some clothes on to see what's happened. I walk out and see Savannah run after Ashley. I see CC jump down from Jake's bunk. What the fuck just happened?!


CHAPTER 4!!! Yay! This one is really short. Fucking Wattpad wants to be a bitch and erase everything again. DAMN YOU WATTPAD!! Well, Chapter 5 will come very very soon! Thanks for voting and Commenting guys!


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