Chapter Four

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My eyes popped open. Stupid nightmares. I have been with the boys for two weeks now. I may or may not have a little crush on Destery, but its just a crush right? I’ve been looking for a job but I can’t find one. I might try out youtube, but I’m not sure I’m fit out for it yet. I checked the box under the TV for the time. 12:40. Groaning, I rubbed my eyes. I stood up, and looked around. The house was quiet. I got changed into some skinny black jeans and a loose t- shirt. I slipped my black vans on and checked the house. It was the perfect time, the boys were out at the office shooting a video so I had time to surprise them. I locked the front door again and grabbed the money on the counter. I hopped out the window and slid it closed, but unlocked. I went on my way to the corner store to pick up some hair dye.


I got home and the car still wasn’t in the drive way. I cut around the back of the house. With much difficulty, a lot of swear words and getting stuck several times, I finally got back into the house. I closed the window and pulled the teal hair dye box of the bag and started on my hair. While I was waiting for the bleach to eat the black color of my hair away I decided to start cleaning. I grabbed a trash bag and began shoveling plastic plates with residue of taco bell and pizza into the trash bag and anything on the floor that had no use to be in the house. I did this until the house had no trash in it. I did get weird looks from strangers, especially when I dropped a trash bag but I didn’t care. I got home and washed the bleach out of my hair, continuing to put the teal dye in my hair. I then proceeded to haul out the vacuum and cleaned the floors. I made all the beds, wiped all the counters off, and did the dishes. When I was satisfied the house was clean, I washed out the excess dye and then blow dried it and styled it. I smiled brightly at the mirror, happy with the results. I then grabbed the needles out of the bag along with the piercings. I cleaned my nose off, and shoved the needle through my septum. I bit down a scream, and my eyes started to water involuntarily. I then fit the piercing through. I grabbed the other needle and shoved that through my lip. It hurt a bit more than the septum. I took the last needle and pierced the spot right next to the other lip piercing and slid the piercings in. I then grabbed the make up out of the bag and did my eyeliner. It was winged. I threw all the trash into the garbage bag and put the change on the counter. I hopped onto the couch and turned the play station on, turning on a game of ocarina of time.

~Nathan POV~

       Destery and I were starving. We were debating where to go and get some food. I finally sighed, “Taco Bell?”

       Destery nodded saying, “Taco Bell.” We pulled up into the parking lot since the drive through seemed way to long of a line to wait in. I walked in and Destery came with me. As it was our turn I noticed the girl, whose name tag said Katelynn. She was really pretty. As she handed us our food one of her coworkers bumped into her making her drop the bag on the counter and the drinks spilt all over her.

       “I am so sorry.” She said out of breath.

       “Its okay, no problem.” I smiled at her and nudged Destery who was about to curse. Destery looked at me and then tried stifling a laugh because he knew what I was thinking.

       “I am really sorry,” She said, sounding close to tears, and taking her apron off. She ran off to the back while some other guy, the one who bumped her served us our food. I glared at him and I couldn’t help but just throw the money and spit a thanks at him.

       “Dude, calm down.” Destery put a hand on my shoulder. I shook my head opening the car door and placing the food and drinks inside. I paused, hearing a whimper. I questioningly glanced at Des who followed me as I followed the sound. Katelynn was sitting there, trying not to cry.

       “Hey, are you alright?” I bent down, moving her brown hair from her eyes. They were gorgeous. She nodded.

       “Why don’t you come with us? Turn that frown upside down!”

       “Okay.” She sniffled and stood up. She sat in the backseat and Des and I hopped in the front seat.

       “Why’d that guy push you?” Destery asked.

       “He knew I was a fan of you two so I guess he wanted to embarrass me.” She said bitterly. So that makes sense why she trusted us so easily. We started driving home, and we were making conversation with Katelynn.

Lana p.o.v

       I heard the door rattle; knowing Destery and Nathan were outside. I jumped behind the wall, waiting for them to get in. I heard the door open.

I cleared my throat. “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THIS IS THE NEW LANA!” I ran and I tripped. I freaking tripped. I screamed as I hit the ground and then broke into fits of laughter. Oh god. I got onto my hands and knees as a laughing Destery tried to help me up, but fell on top of me, but we both made no movements to get up due to our laughter.

       After we all stopped laughing Destery finally helped me up and they nodded in approval. I saw a figure moving behind Nathan. “Whose this?” I asked with a smile.

       “I’m Katelynn.” She smiled slightly. She extended her hand, but I pulled her in for a hug. I noticed she was a tad wet.

       “Do you want some clothes to change into?” I asked her. She nodded sheepishly and I looked at Nathan.

       “I have a pair of sweatpants you can borrow and I’ll give you one of Nathans shirts because boys shirts are comfy as heck.” I winked at the boys and pulled her along.

Hello! Yes I’m back and I’m much better. Thank you Katelynn for inspiring me to write! Well, my little daleks I must go. Highschools such a drag.  *Sigh*

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