What Do I Write About?

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In a way, you can write about absolutely anything, but in order to test your creative spark and keep things on a level, we ask that you base a brand new story on one of the many ideas given.

This can be based loosely or more rigidly on the ideas provided, as long as it's recognisable. But this also means you can't enter a previously written story.

We've put together some ideas to get your imagination rolling, but inclusion of at least one prompt is mandatory to qualify for the contest.

Each participating Ambassador profile has kindly provided a whole list of great prompts to weave into your work. If you can't find one that takes your fancy straight away, don't worry -- the theme and genre is completely open, so you can take it in any direction you like.

That's sort of why we named it the Open Novella Contest, after all!

Head over to the Contest Prompts  chapter to see the full list of story ideas.

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