What is the Open Novella Contest II?

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Please read this entire guide carefully. All the information you will need is contained within this book.

This is a contest of long word counts and BIG prizes, including e-books, a sticker collection and personalised feedback on your story! In addition there are banners, reading lists and shout outs galore for all participants.

There will be three rounds where you'll be challenged to reach word count milestones.

Round 1 - 2,000 word milestone

Round 2 - 8,000 word milestone

Round 3 - 20,000 word milestone.

The writing period will last a total of 12 weeks, from 1st January 2019 to 26th March 2019. This gives you loads of time to write, revise, edit and rewrite. So don't fret! Just start writing!

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