Chapter 16

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-Joe's POV-

After a while the crying noises stopped and all that lingered was silence. There was only one person who I could talk to. I texted Zoe everything that had happened. And by everything I mean EVERYTHING. I pm typed paragraphs, reliving each moment as I typed it.

JOE: So what should I do?

ZOE: Sheesh Joe, a lot happened. I'm glad you came to me though. I will always be accepting and do everything i can for u. I hate to see you like this. you know i love casp but In my opinion I think you should take some distance from Caspar. You two are both pretty confused and going through a hard time. Why don't you come live with me for a while so you can sort things out. You'll be able to live pretty drama free for a while.

JOE: U think that's a good idea? What if Caspar finds a boyfriend?

ZOE: Then maybe it just wasn't meant to be. Joe, Caspar is your first love so i understand that it might be hard to give him up. But you need to know he's not the only one out there. Not that I don't want you two to get together. I really want to see it work out, but it just seems like it isn't the right time right now.

JOE: I trust your decision and you're probably right... As usual. It's really comforting to have you in my life. I'm lucky to have a sister who I can trust and talk to about anything. It was a little, okay a lot awkward talking about this with you but I'm glad I did.

ZOE: Joe! Wow I can't believe how much of a caring brother you're being right now! I must screenshot this moment. But in all seriousness I'm glad you're my brother. And I'll always be here for you.

Zoe was right. Since I was in love with Caspar, and he was my first love Maybe I was blinded from my other options. I was still madly and completely in love with him but some time apart could help me realize some things.

I was startled by a sudden knock on my door.

"Joeeee," Caspar's voice was an octave lower sounding tired desperate and sad, "Can I explain things now?"

I walked over, unlocked my door then opened it, "Don't bother Caspar. I'm moving out."

I the proceeded to slam the door in his face. I felt awful doing it but I knew if I had to see his sad puppy like expression any longer I wouldn't have been able to contain myself. I would have been easily persuaded out of moving out.

"I thought you wanted to live together." Caspar sounded confused, his voice turned somewhat raspy. I closed my eyes, trying not to get turned on. I didn't answer.

"WHO WILL I LIVE WITH?" Caspar yelled, his voice had a hint of anger.

"You'll find someone. You have plenty of friends." I said before blasting music on my iPhone to tune any reply he said out.

I immediately began packing. I wanted out of here as soon as possible. My love for Caspar and everything he did was getting out of control with each word he said.

The door clicked open and everything was a blur as Caspar came running in, he stood only a few centimeters from my face. His uncombed hair, tired eyes and confused frown all had me going insane. How is it possible for a person to be this perfect? No Joe. You're falling too hard again you can't-

My train of thought was immediately interrupted as Caspar pressed his lips against mine. He was forceful at first, as if he was scared I was going to run away. Any thought I had of leaving or being scared to be so in love instantly left. I shouldn't be upset that my feelings were so strong. I should be happy I was able to find someone I cared so much about.

I broke from the kiss, and Caspar looked upset. He opened his mouth to speak, but I shook my head at him.

"I love you, Caspar Lee."

I could see confused look in his eyes. Lately I had been sending quite a few mixed signals to him. To be fair though, he was confusing me too with kissing Marcus and all. Oh yeah. Marcus. My jealous side was peeking through again.

"I love you too, Joe Sugg." Caspar said, looking down at me straight into my eyes.

It was extremely difficult looking right into his eyes and not kissing him. But I needed answers first, "I guess it doesn't matter anyway though. I mean, you have Marcus now."

"Marcus?" Caspar's eyebrows raised.

"Don't 'Marcus?' me! Do you take me for a fool! I saw your kiss with my own eyes!" I took a step back, angrily.

"Oh, right," Something in his eyes clicked. He finally remembered, "Marcus confessed to me. I said I already had someone I loved. He knew it was you. He said he'd leave but he had one last request. He wanted to do the kiss we had done in the video 'the right way'. I said no at first but Marcus is one of my closest mates and I figured it wouldn't hurt. So it happened. I regret it. And I hate myself for doing it knowing that it get you. But I promise you, you are the only one I love. I promise."

I could only smile. I raised myself on my toes and reached up to kiss him. This time his kiss was slow and soft, not forceful at all. He rested his hands on my chest, I could feel his lips turning into a smile.

My phone rang, which completely ruined the mood. I groaned. Caspar pouted.

The caller I.d. Read Zoe.

"You should take it." Caspar said, nodding. So I did.

"Zoe I'm a bit busy-"

"Joe." I immediately shut up. Something was wrong, "I need you now. I don't want to talk about it over the phone. Please come to my place. The faster the better." The line went dead.

"I have to go." Just my luck.

--A/N so I know I've been having a lot of the story as Joe's POV and I don't have a good excuse as to why, BUT THEY FINALLY GOT TOGETHER.

I have a feeling the story is slowly but surely getting more boring so I might take a short break to plan it out better.

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