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you and jungkook spent time together the whole month. sharing kisses together that would turn into a hot make out session, jungkook getting carried away a few times– wait, scratch that, everytime you both kiss.

i might as well say, you did it a few times, like brUh who isn't going to get horny when this guy right here– jeongguk, has his ways with you.

but of course, there's this cute moments where in you are laying in the bed with him, cuddling. sometimes going into an argument, then suddenly either you or him is mad at each other. and of course, that silly argument would be forgotten like it never happened and would end up with you both giggling with each other.

and then the serious conversation happened.

and then there you are with him taking deep breathes as nervousness took over him, a small hint of angerness of course. in front of you- stood the house where you are living with jungkook the past month.

you had to reassure him it would be okay, and that his father- seokjin, will understand why he ran away.

yes, you have told them about why he ran away after he told you about it. well, your mom and seokjin kept bombing you with questions.

the door immediately opened as soon as jungkook rang the doorbell, and without any second wasted, you and jungkook was immediately crushed into a hug by your mom and seokjin.

now, you were seated on the couch. in front of you is you mom, while jungkook is facing seokjin.

there was a silence that felt uncomfortable until seokjin spoke,

seokjin: i know it was wrong for me to hide the fact that you're ad— not my child. but i was scared you'll ran away from me and be mad at me. and that happened, i-i'm really sorry for h—

jungkook suddenly stood up and went to hug his tearing up father. yes, he still considers him as his father

jungkook: i– well i was mad of course, but then i thought about you raising me since i was young. you don't need to be sorry about it, i understand y-you.

jungkook choked at the end as he was sobbing. you are happy for jungkook that he finally came into good terms with his dad.

the conversation was sad and happy at the same time. until, you mother spoke up.

you: yeah.. sure, what is it?

but soon, you regreted asking it.


yeah i must admit the chap is so damn short.

but i think imma make a longer one for the next chap. but of course, i can't promise that since imsuchalazyass especially when it's holiday.



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