Chapter 15: Caught Red handed

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The cold air was turning into a vapor and spreading its wings over the metal of the car, causing the window to fog up. Max wiped his hand vigorously, finally allowing a clarity to hit the glass again.

"It's a cold one tonight," he muttered.

"Yeah, it must be close to five degrees," Grant answered.

Their eyes were locked on a house across the street. It was late at night, with the arrow on Max's watch nudging against the number eleven. The surroundings were quiet. They could not even see a single blur of momentum or observable movement occurring in the street, except for a black cat making its way sheepishly across the road.

"It's eleven already, there's no sign of him yet," Max growled, shifting in frustration.

These words caused movement as Jamie finally raised his head, after waking from a light sleep.

"Have you seen him yet?" he asked, blinking his eyes.

"No, Red hasn't shown up," Grant answered, "go back to sleep princess."

"I was just resting my eyes," Jamie snapped back, offended by the comment, "I was up all night doing some research, you know?"

Max interrupted them, reducing the tension immediately.

"It's good you're awake anyways, I want to know what you've found out."

A blurriness still occupied Jamie's eyes, causing him to rub them vigorously, like he was still half asleep. His boss's words were drifting in one ear and floating out the other, before reason and comprehension could take place.

"What did you want to know first?" he asked, digging his hands inside his bag.

"What did you find on Magnifique's partner?" Max asked.

Jamie sorted his way through a ream of paper, finally locking his eyes on the pertinent information.

"He's a clean skin," he revealed, "I didn't find even a parking fine or jaywalking offence in his record."

"That's weird," Max responded in shock, "I thought you would've found something on him. He's dating a serial criminal offender. You would think that some of the mud would stick?"

"It's the opposite," Jamie pointed out, "he's an upstanding citizen. His security company has contracts with some of the largest business and government organisations in the state. If you mention the word security in Washington, his company's name is the one that pops up. His site is littered with testimonials from some very high ranking people. It seems that he is an important man."

This information shocked Max, who bit down hard on his lip.

"What's he doing with Magnifique? They're such an odd couple."

"I guess you can't fight the heart," Grant interrupted him, expressing frustration, ""he obviously loves her."

"It's still strange, he's in a trusted position," Max continued, "you think he would choose his partner better."

These words perplexed Grant, who hit him with a cruel jibe.

"You spent a year with a serial killer, I don't think you're one to judge."

His words stunned Max, causing the initial look of shock on his face to now be replaced by anger. These little cheap shots always snuck into their conversations. His colleague had obviously not forgotten about his fiancée's murder and still held Max partly responsible. This was an open wound festering for so long and refusing to heal, even in the face of time.

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