Part 10 - Stuck

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Ashton's pov,

Crystal walked into the dressing room and did the touch up on her make up before went out with Michael.

Yeah that's why they did,go around and have a date while I'm here. No one.

But I think about something else with the make up.

"Hey mate" Calum approached me and sat beside me while playing the games on his phone. That's what he always did.

"Can you please stop playing the games? You annoyed me damn much"

"What? I never say a thing to you when you keep playing the drums games on your phone even you have the big real one" Calum rolled his eyes.

"Shut up. That's different thing" I hit his head.

"Dudeeee" Calum groaned because he died in the games. I chuckled.

"But buddy,don't mad at me now. I think I have another idea" I smirked.

"What idea?"

"Hmm about Natashya" I turned to face him. "Why about her?" Calum looked at me dumbfounded.

"It's another prank. Oh God" I sighed in frustration.

"Mannn I thought we over this?" Calum gave me a question face.

"Really? You give up?"

"Yes because whatever we did,she still just like that. We already tried for God damn year" Calum shook his head.

"No. I'm not over it. Just please do agree with me now,so we can did it together" I looked at him with a hope. I knew he can't say no to me.

Calum rolled his eyes. "Fine but this is the last one"

"Love you,buddy" I hugged him.

"Mate,get in now" I'm whispering yelled. Calum,Luke and Michael got in the room. In details,it's Natashya's room.

"She really forgot to lock the door? Damn girl,that's dangerous" Luke shook his head.

"Yeah when she met people like us. Disturbing her while she sleeps" Calum looked over the Naked palette on his hand.

"Shut the fuck up. This is our last chance. Don't ruin it" Michael looked at Calum.

We walked to the bed and saw a figure in the blanket. We came closer and saw her there. Peacefully sleep.

"She must be tired after took care of us" I chuckled.

"You're right" Luke giggled silently.

"Ready guys?" I smirked and prepared the fake eyelashes and the glue. We took it from Crystal and Sierra like we're not really sorry.

One by one of us made the make up on her. For sure to make fun of her.

Except Calum. He stared on her body and eyeing from head to toe. I elbowed his stomach.

"What are you looking at?" I asked him quietly. "Oh hmmm. Nothing" she smiled.

"Last one. It's your turn" I pat his back.

Calum stood next to Natashya closely and made the artwork on her face with the makeup. He tried to hold the laughter.

At first Calum didn't want to do it and now he began to like it. Badly,Natashya suddenly moved her face while knitting her eyebrows.

"Fuck" Calum mumbled under his breath and stopped from doing anything. Few seconds later,she was sleeping again.

Calum continued to do it.

Out of sudden, "what the fuck are you doing?"

Calum stopped and all of us shocked.

"RUN!!" I shouted and threw the make up off my hands.

"Ashton!!" Calum yelled from the room. I turned to my back I saw Luke and Michael also run. That means,Calum stuck with Natashya in her room.

Sorry,buddy. I can't help you.


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