Silence, the song to lure my soul

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<3 Happy soon to be New Year everyone! Wooot! Wooot! I am dedicating this chapter to @ParkerTheMarker who requested a new chapter as a Christmas gift, but ended up getting it as new years present instead. I hope all of you guys had a lovely Christmas... If not... Fuck Christmas, and make 2019 your bitch! I know I will! I hope.. I think.. I shall... Yeah...Maybe Ill just try and come to some sort of understanding with 2019 instead... I am pretty sure she will end up making me her bitch if I dont....XD  So wherever you are in the world, I hope you have a great 2019. May it be filled to the brim with new opportunities, and may you have the courage to grab on to them as they appear. ;) "Skål/cheers" :)  <3

I had nothing better to do than to lie in bed and think, because it wasn't like I could actually go anywhere, Bryan had once more made sure of just that.

My hands and eyes ran over the cold metal chain fastened securely to the collar around my fot, then over the golden looking padlock holding it in place, before finally ending their journey at the massive bolts fastened to the wooden floor boards. My mind was more or less desperate as it searched for any possible way to escape these chains, for way to be free, for a way to go back home.

I ran over all of the possibilities again, and again, and again, until I finally reached my hard earned conclusion. The answer I found, felt more or less like I was grasping at straws. Everything had to line up just perfect, too perfect, and it was the best plan I could think of. It was the only plan I could think of. It was a plan where almost everything could end up going terribly wrong. It was a stupid plan, a silly plan, it was a plan that was bound to bring me pain. Bryan would be so fucking mad, and the mere thought of him made me shiver despite the thick fluffy covers that encased my naked flesh.



You are going to get fucked!

and not in a good way....

It will hurt..

It will hurt so fucking bad....



I had settled with my back against the headboard of the bed by the time Bryan's massive form finally entered the room. He balanced a tray containing my breakfast in one hand, and carried three books in the other. I watched him as he crossed the floor, and put the items down on the bedside table, his black t-shirt straining a bit as he bent down.

"Are you leaving me again?" I whispered, my heart filled up with this weird, clingy feeling, it felt almost like I was suffocating from within. I wanted to be free of him, and yet I needed him like a plant needs sunshine. Left to long the bright rays of the sun and the plant will burn, but without the suns light it will die. Bryan's light was dark, dark and cold. His light was a darkness that threatened to consume me, and I needed it like I needed air to breathe.

He sat down on the bed, and pulled me into his arms. I relaxed against him, my nose filling up with his intoxicating scent, with his darkness.

"No, I am not leaving. I am going downstairs to do some much needed cleaning. Something which I should have done last night." The warm fingers of his right hand trailed leisurely up and down the naked flesh of my spine as he spoke. The soft touch of his hand was comforting, and yet unnerving at the same time. His touch was pleasure, but it could also bring pain, it was a dark twisted promise of more than I could handle.

"Can't.... Can't you please unchain me. It's not like I can actually go anywhere. I have learned my lesson. I have! I will never go down into the basement again without your say so! Bryan... Please... I just... I just can't stay like this... Please..." I begged him, my eyes pleading with his dark cinnamon orbs.

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