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warnings:heats,omegaverse au

namjoon was getting light headed,and before he knew it his body was heating up rapidly.

he breathed heavily,where was seokjin?

namjoon grabbed his phone with shaking hands,immediately dialing his mate's number.

"joonie?i'm busy,i'm in an important meeting."

namjoon perked up at his boyfriend's name,but his body was getting hotter as he reached down ,and started to palm himself.

"a-ah,"he moaned,seokjin growling.

"what do you want,joon?are you touching yourself?what did i say about-"

"j-jinnie,help."namjoon moaned,his pants off as he touched himself through boxers. "h-hurts."

"what's wrong,baby?are you hurt?what happene-"

"n-need you.h-heat."without even listening to the reply,namjoon knew seokjin would come and he tossed his phone aside,leaning back on the bed and starting to stroke himself.

he moaned in pain,he needed his mate.


"namjoon!"seokjin exclaimed,reaching to pull his tie off as he threw it away.he entered the room.

"j-innie,"namjoon breathed out,naked as he stroked himself desperately."p-please."

seokjin understood as he quickly undressed,giving namjoon a deep kiss and he took namjoon's hand off his cock and reached to stroke it instead.

namjoon moaned into the kiss,seokjin pulling away,taking his hand off namjoon'a shaft.

"a-ah!j-jinnie need- need you."

seokjin hushed him amd smiled,"jinnie's here, baby.i'll make you feel good." namjoon nodded frantically."h-hurts."

seokjin turned namjoon around,making him face the wall ,kneeling slightly as he pushed a finger in,he didn't need lube as namjoon was already completely lubed up himself.

namjoon moaned,and seokjin pushed another in,thrusting in the digits as he tried to find namjoon's prostate.

"a-ah~~"namjoon arched his back, letting out a loud moan and seokjin smirked , knowing he had found it."m-more."

seokjin added another finger and thrusted them,before removing them and holding onto namjoon's waist.


namjoon nodded,splurting out words like 'yes' and 'more'. seokjin positioned himself, before slamming into namjoon.

namjoon's lips parted,trying to let out a loud moan but all that came out was a gasp.

"ah!fuck,move."namjoon breathed out, gripping onto the sheets as seokjin wasted no time to thrust in without mercy.

namjoon's moans were in sync with seokjin's rough thrusts.

"nghh,ahh..!"namjoon's eyes shot open as he drooled.seokjin knew,and he aimed at that place as he moved his hips.

"ahh,hah,mo-more.."namjoon's eyes rolled back,seokjin groaning,"fuck,you're tight."

suddenly jin turned them around,and smashed in,immediately hitting namjoon's prostate deep.

namjoon arched his back,his cock twitching as he came hard.seokjin groaned,"ah,fuck,"and his grip tightened so much he was sure there would be bruises.

"t-too much,"namjoon moaned,but seokjin had an overstimulation kink.he smirked and pulled almost all the way out before slamming right back in.namjoon's eyes rolled back and moaned loudly.


seokjin moved animalistically till his own cock twitched and he moaned,"baby,i'm cumming."

namjoon came,and seokjin right after.

namjoon moaned at being so full,"d-don't pull out."seokjin pulled them both to fall to the bed " better?"

namjoon nodded,eyes shutting."tired."

seokjin smiled,"sleep,baby.i love you so much."

namjoon smiled as he fell into dreamland.

"i-i love you too."


it isnt good im sorry its short


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