Thinking Twice

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Ashley Chandler had it all.

From her 100$ "Ugg boots", to her master bedroom touched with an elegant plasma high-definition television and crystal bed canopy.

She was "the" girl. The one all the boys wanted, her long blonde ringlets hung loosely down here perfectly fitted, brand new top. She was the type of girl who could simply gaze into anyone's eyes including a teacher and it always ended in her benefit!

Ashley, being the spoiled child she was grew up in a Victorian style mansion along with her mother and their housemaid, Jane. Ashley's mother, Vanessa divorced the father when Ashley was very young, she has no regrets and with that attitude, she has come far in her career. Ashley barely sees her mom, but when she does it is normally regarding money to go shopping or to have one of her "awesome house parties".

On the night Ashley was scheduled to have her big spring fling party, plans didn't follow through accordingly.

In Ashley's life, there was never any catastrophe, no big let down, because whatever she wanted she would get, undoubtedly. There was never any peer pressure nor was there any thought she could be alone, she could be hurt by a boy she fell in love with. She lived a fairytale life, the closest thing to perfect, little did she know all who envy and despise were about to be in for a huge surprise.

As was Ashley Chandler.

The clouds hung low, leaving the suffocating, toxic atmosphere glued to the skin. The sun beaming down at the equator was so hot any typical American or Canadian would get sunstroke. Irritation and frustration were only thoughts while anger of the oppressed was a continuous echo. The labour continued from dusk until dawn was daily, the whips were the least of their pain. For slavery, the lost emotions were what triggered a sore spot, bleeding on the inside without notice.

It was a typical day in the continent of Africa, sand storms howled, beaming the slaves in the face while the "royalty" kept inside, examining the slaves work. To the higher class, slavery was amusing; just watching it would satisfy their twisted happiness. For years slavery has been a problem in Africa but generally it becomes forgettable.  

As the innocent people from all ages, they worked until their fingers bled and bodies dropped, attempting to survive off of the few resources they had planted. But when diseases struck, the lack of medication overtook the lives of many. Contamination was horrid. Industries would throw out their waste and poisonous gases and liquids into the streams leading up to where these Africans would wash their clothes, bathe and drink, unaware that the brown liquid normally clear blueish was deathly.  

From resources to family, these Africans lived a nightmare, swallowing their thoughts, puzzled in their thoughts and actions. Families were broken up, leaving the children and parents separated in a mess, contemplating their family's safety and where they were at any given moment. At times the children were far to young to even realise they didn't have their own parents and were separated very young. The cruel leaders would sell them for money to different continents or countries, while the other unfortunate, innocent children would be used for sex or to work unemployed and without education. Children sold and bought were useless, their only other option were to be killed.

The catastrophe of never seeing your own family became a major concern to the remaining African's, who had managed to hide. This mourning would remain a steady pace and depression was the only known emotion.

Anaya and her family, had a different situation, brought up in a royal family by ancestry but her parents remained slaves. Her younger sister, four months old Taka, and older brother just about to turn thirteen, Kato were the success to her happiness. Since Anaya was born, the family of five had been living the luxuries in their own house, no slave work, food, all from the benefits of the ancestors. They had been very well-off for a long time.

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