[Aim to Engage II -- no diversity] Happy?

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Nurture or nature?

The group or the individual?

I must say as a heretic neurotic with too much free time on my hands, I've had too much of a chance to wonder and ponder over these things, which if not for the penchant of humankind to be impulsive to hate, would be of minor distractions in our daily lives. (At least, for those who can keep their own noses in their own damned business.)

So then, let it not surprise the reader that I should find myself as the head of the People Project – our goal being to make everyone to be truly felt and seen; to live in different parts of the world, yet hold no animosity to those we do not know; but in place, a kindred spirit.

Sounds easy, right?

No. Not really.

As the conservatives amongst us have often loved to point out, the human mind loves to see differences, to create patterns, and to learn patterns. From those, biases.

And it is here, in the difference, that my colleagues and I would like to throw a proverbial wrench in the mechanical thought processes of the human mind.

How do we do that?

Quite simple! We remove the difference. 

We first demand the destruction of genre. In books, in music, in art. Take everything, but a blank of nothing. Removing meaningless rivalry. 

Then we alter the human senses. We implant chips in our eyes to create a unified perception in all living humans. We would all see the same faces on everybody. Sense color the same way. No more pink over blue, vice versa. No longer the prejudice over hue.

Then the ears. As studies and even our own behavior to our fellow humans will show, we treat each other differently depending on the accent, the tone, and the texture of a person's voice. Take that out of the equation and no longer will we have the ability to discriminate through sound.

Then the small yet important issues such as the changing of names, changing of city plans: to make them as identical as possible etc.

From our calculations there should be peace.

And there is.


It all seems so boring.

The sun shines in the day. The stars glitter in the night. It's all so peaceful, yet mind crushingly boring.

You know I've often wondered what heaven would look like, with all those 'good people' in there. We wouldn't lack food. We would never fight. But that would also mean that we would never have a purpose. A cause for our existence. We would just exists... and be happy. Happy for absolutely no reason.

So I guess this computer model is heaven.

The people live and do not lack. They perceive no differences amongst themselves so there is no cause for fighting.

They simply live. Day in, day out. Breathing in and breathing out. They're all so happy.

But I'd never want to live there. 

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