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Amber’s POV

I was dancing around my room listening to ‘Up All Night’ by One Direction, yeah, yeah, I know One Direction. But their songs are really catchy and let’s face it, they are really hot and don’t even get me started on their accents.

I looked out my window and saw Hunter at his window looking at me and laughing. I turned around the other way.

Great, he saw me.

Not that it mattered, it’s not like we talk anymore. But I still can’t help but blush which makes it more embarrassing for me.

I turned back to face Hunter and saw him looking down at something, kind of like he was writing. He held up piece of paper saying ‘I like your moves’ I laughed and rolled my eyes.

I found a piece of paper and wrote “thanks”, he smiled and started writing again.

He held up the paper again which said ‘We don’t talk much anymore’ whilst pouting. 

I sighed and started to write again.  ‘That’s your choice’

He started to write again. ‘I know, are you coming tomorrow?”

‘Maybe’ I wrote. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go, I mean what if Julia was there? We don’t technically get along. I actually have no idea why though, it’s not like I did anything to her, or did I? I wasn’t sure.

‘I hope so” He wrote back which made me blush even more. He hopes so? Why would he hope so?

I smiled at him and walked my window and closed the curtin so that I could get ready to sleep, with out him watching.


I woke up the next morning to my alarm clock playing ‘Shake it out’ by Florence and the machine.

“Ugh” I groaned. Today was the barbeque and I still hadn’t told my parents. I stumble down the stairs craving coffee when the strong scent hit me.

“Mm” I moaned. I’m more or less a coffee addict.

“Morning Amber.” My mum greeted.

“Morning Amber.” My dad greeted, as well.

“Morning Mum, Moring Dad,” I greeted back “Coffee?” I asked.

“In the machine” My mum replied.

“Thanks.” I poured myself a cappuccino with two sugars just the way I liked it and sat down at the counter in my kitchen whilst letting the warm liquid flow down my throat leaving a tingling sensation. “Yum,” I said. “Oh by the way, Hunter came over last night when you were out-“

“Hunter came over?” My mum sounded surprised.

“I’m just as surprised as you are mum, but yeah he did, with Jesse, and they invited us to a barbeque today at 2pm.” I said taking a sip from my mug.

“He hasn’t been here in years.” My dad said sipping his coffee.

“His doing, not mine.” I said back coldly.

“I guess, so do you want to go?” My mum asked.

“Maybe, I want to see Jai.” I replied.

“Okay, well we’ve got some shopping to do so we should be back before two, okay?” My mum told me.

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