XVI - My One and Only You

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Chapter Warnings: Smut, Principal character death (No Spoiler). Usual ratings of violence, language, sexual content. 

Stone Ridge Chalet
Whitetail Mountains
A little over a year and a half ago...

His hands grasped at her bare hips and tightened as she slid back onto his length. A gasp escaped her barely parted lips, pulling a grunt from him as they relaxed into the union of their naked bodies. She rocked onto his length, still growing accustomed to the reward of being with him. Everything about their relationship was new to her—this freedom to make love to him without restraint, the ability to wander the compound without being followed too close by his sister or being around him without worry of his brothers watching on like hawks... or vultures. But she couldn't think of anyone else now. This was his time with her, and her with him, as she let him claim her body.

Jacob's hips smacked against her backside with such power that surprised her—coming from a man of his age—so much so that she nearly bit through her own tongue trying to stifle her cries. Diana was afraid she would be too loud, but the way he pounded her made it difficult to keep quiet.

Even with the assurance that Jacob had cleared out the chalet for their private use, she wanted to keep her noise to a minimum. It was difficult, given that each time he thrust into her was at the right spot, it numbed her body with a pleasurable tremor. Her fingers tightened around the feather pillow, the nearest thing within reach, and the harder he fucked her she squeezed. She leaned down and bit down on the pillowcase to muffle her moans.

The chalet was compromise he made with his brothers since they didn't permit either of them stray too far away from the Veteran's Center for too long. They'd said that Seed Cabin was too much out of reach in case of emergency... so this was a happy medium. It was the perfect location in his region with a large enough bedroom furnished for their activities—and several other rooms and places for their escapades if they wanted a change of scene. The vast lobby was comfortable too, with its lounge area, long, wooden tables and the front desk, all emptied of any staff or employees that would normally be working here.

But 'private use' to Jacob meant he still had henchmen with him for their protection, wolves too, all on patrol outside, conducting business while Jacob and Diana were otherwise, busy. The perimeter of the grounds, including the training course, was wide enough that Jacob ensured they took the farthest path around, to put Diana's mind at ease that no one would be listening.

Not that he cared, he loved it when she screamed.

For at least a couple of days, this place was all theirs.

Diana's back arched when she felt his hand tangle into her hair, releasing a hiss of pleasure when he pulled. His fingers raked over her scalp as he grasped at her hair. He used the thick twist of her dark tresses like reins, leverage to yank her backward onto his cock as he fucked her with an animalistic vigor. She whimpered breathlessly when he stopped for a moment, releasing the hold he had on her hair.

Jacob leaned down, his tongue running over her back before he wrapped his arms around her chest to take hold of her. She breathed out, feeling him squeeze her firm breasts, both big enough to spill over in his large hands. Guiding her body up toward him, Jacob's slick chest pressed against her back as they sat up. One hand gently massaged while the other tweaked at the peak of her erect nipple, enjoying the way her body shuddered at the sensation.

The way her hair fell, off to the side opened her neck for him to dip down and nibble at the open flesh, teasing her slightly before biting a little harder than a typical loving nip. His teeth nearly broke the skin as he hungrily devoured her, enveloping her in his massive arms.

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