Chapter 1

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Our protagonist Red Ketchum wakes up in his room in Pallet Town. His room is fairly big in its shape. Red rises up and looks around while blinking to clear his eyes. To the left we have a window out to show what Pallet Town has to offer. Straight there is a desk with a PC where Red has written sometimes. To The right lies his and his friends favourite spot. The couch with video games. 

Red shakes his head and rises up from the bed. 

Red's thoughts: not again.

Red has had headaches the whole week, and he is tired of them. Cause not only have they been a problem during lessons, it seems like they have caused him to have the same dream over and over. 

A dream where his crush becomes heartbroken. 

Red slips on a mat black T-shirt along with blue pants. Then he gets on his signature red vest/sweater. Lastly he takes his red and white cap on his head. He sighs and walks out of his room. He opens the door and hears loud snoring from the room to the right. Its clear that Ash is not gonna recover from his fever yet. 

Red walks down to find Delia, their mother reading a newspaper. She notices him and smiles.

Delia: good morning Red. sleep well?

Red: slept like a log mom. what about you?

Delia: me too. Come and have breakfast.

Red nods and sits down on one of the chairs. Delia brings him bread slices and topping. Red eats whatever he can with his headaches increasing in pulse bumps. 

5 minutes later. 

Red: done mom, i gotta go to school. see ya later.

Delia: have a good day in school honey!

Red: i'll try. you know how Gary is when it comes to competting with me.

Red grabs his bag and walks out of the door. He breathes in air and looks from one side to the other. When done he walks over the road and begins the long walk to school.

In another location.

We see the house of Gary Oak. 

Gary wakes up and spits som of his dry saliva on the window. He rises up and gets dressed fairly quick. He then opens the door and finds his girlfriend Leaf still sleeping. His expression becomes annoyed. He walks out and slams the door shut making Leaf jolt up from her beauty sleep. 

Leaf's thoughts: oh why does he have to do that?!

Leaf shakes her head and rises up, then gets dressed with a cyan blue top, red miniskirt, cyan blue socks and white shoes. On her head she places her most precious item, a white and red hat she got from Red once during their life. 

Leaf walks into the bathroom and checks everything on her face. nothing is wrong for the moment at least. She walks out and finds a very annoyed Gary waiting for her.

Gary: you are late. 

Leaf sighs. She begins walking down only for Gary to pull her by the hair back.


Leaf doesn't answer. it won't help to talk with the guy. 


When Leaf remains silent Gary slams his fist into her face, he then begins the ''normal'' routine of beating her up for being late. 


Leaf is walking towards school. alone. Gary refused her to come with and be driven to school. For Leaf this was a breathing space she intended to use. at least for as long as she could. 

While walking she sees a lot of animals playing together, then she sees a little family spending their time together. Leaf gets a lump in her throat when she gets reminded by her past. jealousy gets struck in her while seing them so happy together. She longs for that warmth, for someone who cares for her, for a boyfriend who does not judge her and use her only for personal gains, but most of all she longed for her best friend to be with her. 

On the way the two sees each other.

Red looks on Leaf with a questionable expression, his face is blank while his eyes long to transfer his warmth to her, comfort her, hug her and be with her. 

Leaf looks into his red eyes, the colour was always meant to be special. And for Leaf this is the guy she wants to be with. 

But she can't. Gary is the obstacle for both, the unbreakable wall, and Leaf's most hated person. 

Red: hi.

Leaf: hi.

The two knows they cannot stay together for long, but they would always spend as much time together as possible. 

They hear the bell ring first time, signalizing that they have to hurry. 

Red: nice to see you again.

Leaf: likewise.

The two share a hug before leaving for their first lesson.

Wrapping up first chapter

What do you think of this story so far? should i continue or just let it be? 

Leave your thoughts in the comments and i'll see yall soon.

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