Aizawa Shouta

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Written by writingsofafanboy on tumblr

It wasn't that Mina had wanted to put off all her homework untilthe last minute. It was just that other things had sounded a lot more fun thansitting down and struggling through the nightmare that was English. And ifBakugo would've quit being a dick and had just agreed to help her with it, shewouldn't have been in this situation. But here she was, papers in hand andtrudging towards the teachers' lounge with a sour expression.

Stopping in front of a giant door, Mina looked down at the papersand let out a frustrated groan. "Let's just get this over with..." she muttered,reaching out and opening the door.

"-Can be so pushy sometimes."

Mina paused, hearing the all too familiar voice of Aizawa butnoticing that it was different than his usual indifferent tone. Along with theusual sense of exhaustion that accompanied him, he sounded distinctlyfrustrated. If she hadn't known better, it was almost as though he were ventingabout something. What could possibly cause the lord of no fucks given to dothat though? Well... a little eavesdropping couldn't hurt, right?

Peaking in, Mina spotted the overly tired man in question. Facingaway from her, he sat wrapped snuggly in his yellow sleeping bag while Yamadaand Kayama sat nearby, the three of them surrounding a coffee table litteredwith empty juice pouches and two empty coffee cups.

Letting out a low whistle, Kayama grinned and stared at Aizawaunbelievingly. "She must be a real ball buster to have you complaining."

Snorting out a laugh, Yamada shook his head. "I think you might beoverreacting, Eraser. ______ never struck me as the nagging, ballbuster type."

Eyes heavy, Aizawa grunted and shook his head. "You don't livewith her."

Letting out a sigh, Yamada rolls his eyes and spots the slightly agapedoor. "Hey... I thought I closed that..."

Holding her breath, Mina quietly ducked behind the door and beganscurrying away as the other teachers looked towards her hiding place. Phonealready in hand, she rapidly typed as she made her escape.

Pinky: O. M. G. You guyswill NEVER believe what I just overheard!!

- - - -

It wasn't much later that all of Class 1-A had gathered into thecommon room of the dorms for an emergency meeting of the utmost importance.Everyone was abuzz at the news Mina had brought them. Aizawa was living with afemale counterpart who was terrifying enough to have him complaining to theother teachers. Who this woman could be was the main topic of conversation.

"Maybe he's married?" Kirishima finally offered.

That suggestion raised some eyebrows. It wasn't impossible but thevery idea of Aizawa dating or engaging in any sort of relationship seemed likean unlikely scenario to many of them. But they also couldn't completely rule itout either.

"I picture him more as the type to see relationships as a waste oftime," Sero argued.

"Yea... what kind of person would Aizawa-sensei even like enough tomarry?" Kaminari asked.

"Someone just as scary as him no doubt," Mineta shuddered as themental image of a feminized Aizawa shouting and staring meanly entered hismind.

"Scarier even with how he sounded," Mina murmured.

"We shouldn't even be discussing our teacher's personal life!"Iida shouted, motioning wildly.

The others continued their discussion of who could possibly datetheir sleep deprived homeroom teacher as Iida shouted at them to stop. Soon itwas impossible to make out a word as they started shouting over each other tomake their ideas and opinions known. Those who weren't actively contributingwere:

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