He's Back

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                             Chris' P.O.V

Everybody is still in sleeping mode but it's already 9:00 a.m. Then the door bell rang. I checked on it. It was her ex. I can't say that it was her ex because they never became..... you know.

“Who are you?" I asked.“I'm Kurt,"Kurt said.“Who are you?" Kurt asked. “I'm Chris," I said.“Where is she?"Kurt asked.“Please go," I said.“Are you her boyfriend?"Kurt asked angrily. “No," I said. Darren saw me.

“What are you doing here? Are you going to hurt her again?" Darren asked angrily.“Please don't shout at me. I'm a nice guy,"Kurt said.

Catherine went out from nowhere. “You? A nice guy," I said. “I think you should go to bed," I said.“No,"Catherine said.

                        Catherine's P.O.V

I think it's time for our closure.“I'm here to say that I'm sorry. Now that we're old enough to understand things. You should forget everything that happened," Kurt said.“Forget? After what you did to me,you just tell me to forget it," I said.

“That's why I'm sorry,"Kurt said.“I won't forgive you for now,"I said.“I'm sorry," Kurt said.“A simple sorry is not the answer for my forgiveness. I'm sorry. It's your fault why I can't forgive. Don't you dare to tell me that you're nice. Your heart is full of dirt. Your heart wasn't pure. Don't tell me that you've had fulfill your promises because non of them was granted," I said.

“Leave!"Chris shouted. Kurt punched Chris' face so hard.“I think I can't ever forgive you. You've hurt my best friend. You just can't tell me that you're sorry," I cried.

“Why is he acting so nice and protective?" Kurt laughed. “You're so disrespectful, he's a star. He's my lucky star," I said. “That gay from Glee?"Kurt laughed. “I don't care. At least he's possessed anything that a best friend can. Can you describe yourself first? Maybe we have a little great past but it's like you ruined it. You gave me gifts but I decided to threw them away and loved another. He doesn't know that I liked him but I knew one day he will realize that I did liked him," I said.

“A man's greatest mistake is to fall in love with you. Eat your pride. You don't belong in this city. I guess you only wanted money so that's why you have famous friends like them. You wouldn't forgive me. Huh? Do you think that you're strong to handle my words? Coz I know it's killing you inside. I knew you. Remember?"Kurt said.

I didn't say a word. He's right. It just a mistake for a person to fall in love with me. But there's something I wanted to prove.

“February 14,2021. Set that date. I will have my official relationship. I will find “THE ONE"," I said. “Fine. I'll bring mine also. But I already have mine,"Kurt said.“Who?" I asked. “Kim,"Kurt replied.“You should buy her a helmet. Maybe one she'll slipped and realize that it was a mistake to fall in love with you," I said.“She was really sure about me,"Kurt laughed.

Darren pushed him away from the apartment. Darren locked the door. Kurt was finally gone. I ran to Chris.

“Are you okay?" I asked worriedly. “I'm kinda fine. My face still hurts. He punched me so hard. Are you okay?"Chris said.“I feel more damaged," I cried.“I wished I didn't opened the door. It's my fault,"Chris said.“ I ruined your handsome and cute face," I said.

                             Chris' P.O.V.

What does he look like? He is handsome and cute for her. I ruined your handsome and cute face.

I can't really stop saying that it's me. It's just a bad imagination. I guess.

“It's not you. Don't listen to him. You belong here. We are your friends because we are really friends. You need us because you need some shoulder to cry on and friends who will be proud to support you," I explained.“It totally affected me," Catherine said.“I know it's hard to forget it because it was totally full of negative thoughts about you," I said.

“Come on here, girl,"Darren said. Darren hugged her tightly.

                         Darren's P.O.V.

“We love you. Don't listen to that useless guy. Are you sure that you and Chris will be officially on in February 14,2021?"Darren whispered. “No. I knew that it won't happen,"Catherine laughed.“I want you to smile," I said.

“I want both of you not to get in trouble," Catherine said.“That's impossible," I laughed.“It isn't funny. What if he had a gun?"Catherine said.“Don't be like that," I said.“What?"Catherine asked.“Serious," I replied.

“Sorry. It's just you two are important to me,"Catherine said.

“You are also important to us,"Chris said. Then Chris,Catherine, and I have group hug.

Part over. I was kinda crying when I was writing. What if he really says that in real life. P.S. Kurt is not his real name. I'm going to keep it private. But if you're reading this *****. The 5 asterisk is his REAL first name. If you're reading this, at least now you know how I feel about you. I don't like you anymore. I think there's no possibility that we can be friends again. I don't care. The important thing is I'm going to meet my idols. I can accomplish my dream with you. Okay too much...... Love,Catherine

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