Knowing Me Better

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               Catherine's P.O.V

It's 5:00 p.m. I need to get something in my room. When I got in to my room, I saw Chris and Darren looking in my closet.

“What are you doing here?" I asked. They are surprised. “We are just checking around," Darren said. Then I ignored them and find what I need to find.

“Are you looking for this?"Chris asked.“Yes!" I shouted.“You didn't tell me that you are a writer," Chris said.“This notebook is full of wonderful stories,"Darren said.“This is embarrassing," I said.

“You shouldn't be embarrass, you should be proud," Chris said.“What do you think?" I asked.“It was great. I like The Lost Princess," Chris said.“Chris someone is calling,"Darren said.“It's your cousin. Excuse me,"Chris said.

                              Chris' P.O.V

KC: Hi! I have a bad news. I can't make it there. I will go there tomorrow but you can leave her. She can handle it on her own.

Me: I insist. We should stay here. Can we?

KC: Of course. Why not? I think she will enjoy it.

Me: I know. What time can you return?

KC: I think lunch tomorrow. Sorry.

Me: I really like it. I think she needs many sessions for counseling.

KC: She really needs it. I've heard that you've had your first.

Me: Yeah. She was really honest.

KC: Because she... um.. nothing

Me: Is she hiding something?

KC: You should not ask it in front of her coz she will totally freak out.

Me: I know

KC: I really have to go. Bye

Me: Bye

She will be very happy with my news. I got tell it first to Darren.

“Darren," I said. Then he followed me.“Her cousin can't make tonight," I said.“She will be alone for the night," Darren said.“I guess we should stay here for tonight," I said.“I was thinking the same thing," Darren said.

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