Part 1: Chapter 17

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Renza knocked at the door. It created a banging sound inside the lighthouse. Paolo Hans Oanes (Student B03-E1H) jumped up from his seat. The banging continued. He didn't know what to do.

Renza was still knocking on the door. From the inside, Hans was now panicking; he's the only one awake. He looked at Jholina Bhaby Pangilinan (Student G15-E1H) if she's awake or not. Her eyes were closed and he can hear her breathings.

"Open up!" Renza shouted.

Hans looked at the door. He recognized the voice. He stood up and grabbed his pickaxe at his daypack. He slowly walked to the door, grasping his pickaxe tightly.

"Who's there?" he asked.

"It's Renza," Renza answered.

"Renza?" Hans asked.

"Renza! It's me!" Renza shouted.

"Why are you here and how did you find our location?" Hans asked.

"Well, I need an alliance then I just saw Sarah at the top," Renza answered.

"Oh, okay, hold on a sec," Hans said.

"Okay," Renza replied.

Hans put down his pickaxe and he pushed the cabinet blocking the doorway. He unlocked the door and opened it. Renza walked inside the lighthouse.

"Man, you should say thank you, at least," Hans said.

"Thank you," Renza replied.

Hans locked the door again and put the cabinet back into its place. Renza sat down on the couch next to Katya Maniquiz (Student G07-E1H). Katya moved a little but she didn't wake up. Renza looked at Hans.

"Where have you been? We called you back there at the school," Hans said.

"Well, I panicked, I guess I didn't heard you calling me," Renza said.

"Well, I'm glad that you're still alive," Hans said.

"Me too," Renza smiled.

Hans also smiled back. They saw Joi Katherine Anagao (Female Student No. 39) rubbed her eyes then she stood up from the floor. She opened her eyes and saw Renza smiling at her.

"Oh, hey," Joi said.

"Hey, I missed you," Renza said.

"I missed you, too," Joi replied.

Renza stood up and hugged Joi very tight. Joi hugged her back.

Marjori Marquez (Student G19-E1H), who was sleeping across the sofa where the two were hugging, raised her head and she moved her head from left to right. She scratched her head then she sit up. She noticed the two hugging each other.

"Hey," she said in a daze.

The two pull off from their hug. They both looked at Marjori, Renza smiled at her. Marjori forced a smile back at her.

"Where have you been?" Marjori asked Renza.

"Somewhere out there," Renza answered. The four of them laughed out loud.

Their laughter woke up the others. Katya, Ma. Katheleen Fuentes (Student G18-E1H), Jholina, and Laarnie Guzman (Student G16-E1H), the four rubbed their eyes then they looked around the room. They noticed Renza sitting at the floor with Joi.

"Sister!" Laarnie shouted.

Renza looked at Laarnie then she gasped.

"Sister!" Renza shouted back.