Talk that shit//Zion kuwonu

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That's why I faked it last night! Yo dick ain't do SHIT!"

Silence. Well until Edwin busted out loud causing everyone else to laugh, even you. Everyone was laughin except Zion. He looked pissed. But it wasn't all your fault. Tonight the boys and their girlfriends were hanging out, drinking, and of course talking shit. And Zion just had to mention your haircut. You recently did a big chop, because honestly you were bored. And though Zion said he loves it , he couldn't help but joke on you. He really set you off when he told everyone you wore a durag but your waves were on splash. That caused didn't everyone to laugh. Even Nick and Austin's ass. So you had to get him back. Did you go to far? Maybe, but he had to know you weren't really faking because sex with Zion is mind blowing every time. He knew that right?

"Y/n in the car now. We're going home." It took a lot to get Zion upset, but when you saw him clench his jaw you knew he was bound to blow, but you just had to go on. "Nahh I'm stayin right here, you ain't my daddy!" Causing Edwin to snort from laughter. "In. The. Car. Now." Zion growled. After you saw he was really upset you got up quickly said your goodbyes and headed to the car.

"Do y'all think she really faked it?" Brandon asked, worried about your well being.

"I don't know but she finna get her walls knocked down." Fiffany sipped her drink.


"Z I'm sorry! You know I was just playin! The petty side jumped out then jumped back in."you tried to sympathize. The whole ride home Zion has been quiet. You probably said sorry 200 times but he wasn't buying it. "Baby please talk to me." Silence. "If you talk to me.. I'll suck yo dick." Still nothing. You guys were at a red light and you looked down at you're nails giving up hope when suddenly Zion picked up your jaw and kissed you. All that anger and rage was in that kiss. It wasn't any other kiss. It was a nasty tongue down the throat type of kiss. The hand the wasn't on the wheel snaked down to your skirt. His long fingers were rubbing your already damp panties making you whimper and buck your hips. He pulled back on your bottom lip "When we get home, I don't wanna hear a fuckin word out of you, understand?" You just nodded. He slapped you inner thigh "You can talk princess." "Yes." Zion just smirked and turned his attention to the road. When you guys got home you practically ran to the door to open it excited about what was gonna happen. When you both walked in he plopped his ass on the couch and turned on the tv. "He's suppose to be clappin my cheeks!" you thought. You opened your mouth to say something, but remembered the car ride and quickly shut it. Suddenly an idea popped in your head. If he wasn't gonna give you attention then you were gonna make him give you attention. You took off your shirt and skirt and threw them at him. No reaction. You walked up the stares, making sure to make your ass jiggled more then usually. When you went in your room you closed the door and ran to your drawer. When you opened it you saw the one thing that would get you through those lonely night when Zion was on tour. Your seven in a half hot pink vibrator. You knew this would push his button you quickly stripped out of your bra and panties set, and turned it on. You hummed with excitement ready to put your plan to work. You ran your fingers down your nipples making them hard. You sighed and the feeling, then brought the toy down to your slit teasing yourself. You let out little ohs and ahs nothing too big. You then turned it on the medium setting and worked it in and out you. Fuck not being able to talk "Fuuuuckk! Oh my god!" It wasn't that good but it helped a little bit. You then moved the other hand to your clit showing it some love. "Shhiit!! I'm bout to cum!"you yelled. Just when you were about to release you felt someone's hands on your wrist. Zion's. "Didn't I tell you to shut up?"


"FUUUUCKK! BABY I'M SORRY!!"you screamed. Zion was currently burying your face in the pillows. He was truly blowing your back out. The way he was gripping on to your hips you were bound to have bruises in the morning.

"Nahh you was talkin all that shit. Talk that shit now!" He was mesmerized by the way your pussy left cream in his dick. Beteeen your cries, and the sound of his hips snapping you were gonna cum for the seventh time that night. "OH GOD! OH GOD!! OH GOD! OHHHHH GODDD!!!"you chanted. "God ain't tearing yo shit up,what's my name?" He slapped your ass causing you to run, "Don't run babygirl. Take. This. Dick. " Each word was a stroke and caused you to slowly break down. ""What my name?"

With your juices dripping down your leg you moaned out "ZIONNN!!" He reached down to slap your clit. "Stop playin, what's my name? You don't get to cum if you don't say it "

"CALEBB!!" Another slap to the clit but he rubbed it after, causing you to throw it back on him.

"DADDY!! SHIT DADDY!!" You cried out. ""You fakin it now baby?" Zion teased. "NOOO DADDY PLEASE LET ME CUM!!" You sobbed. You were crying real tears because this pleasure Zion was giving you was gonna make you pass out. "Aww who's makin you unravel like this?" "YOU DADDY!! ONLY YOU!"you were bound to break any second until you heard those three little letters.


You letl out a sob, squirting all over his dick. Zion filled you up on a loud "FUUUUUUCCCKK!" When he pulled out, he slapped your ass making you loose balance and fall deeper into the bed. You let our small whimpers, missing his dick inside you.

"Next time you talk that's shit I won't be so mercyful!"


Honestly one of my favs🤩

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