Chp 6:

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I reached the middle of week two, of preparations for the fall festival.

"Here!" a voice said setting down a bowl of candy in front of me.

I looked up to see Naomi "Oh no! No, no. You know my rule about sweets."

"Oh c'mon! Don't be such a Debby Downer. It's one time a year, I'm sure your skirts and blouses wouldn't mind a couple of pieces of Halloween candy." she said taking a bite of a Twizzler.

"No!" I laughed

"Fine! At least keep it there, for me."

"And what's wrong with you putting it in your cubical?" I said laughing and looking at her

"Because if it's in my cubical then I won't stop eating it, but if it's in yours then I can grab some every once in a while. Notice my strategy."

She said giving me a wink and walking back to her cubical. I laughed and shook my head.

"Erickson could I see you in my office please?" I heard David call out, my stomach tightened.

Naomi gave me a look of fear as I walked passed her, 'Help Me' I mouthed to her.

"Yes?" reaching his office I walked inside.

"Shut the door please?" I did

"Take a seat." He said motioning his hand towards the empty chair.

I sat down and placed my hands in my lap "I just received a phone call from Mr. Robert Piercy."

My heart began to beat, please don't say this is regarding my dropping off his sons mail, I thought to myself.

"What is this regarding?"

"He has asked for one of my employees to specifically work with him and his team for the banquet he and his wife are hosting next Friday evening."

"I'm sorry-I don't understand?"

"He would like it if you would help them organize the rest of the banquet, such as the music, food caterers, and the decorations and there would be pay."

He said folding his hands together and resting them on his desk, his glasses resting on the tip of his nose.

I sat up in my seat and took a slow deep breath.

"This seems a little sudden, especially considering the Festival plans aren't done yet and-"

He raised his hand in front of me, a sign to stop talking.

"We have fifteen more people who work in this section of the company. They can manage with minus one." I slowly nodded

"Alright, I'll do it. But why me? I mean we have so many other people on this team...some who have worked here much longer than I."

"Because you were specifically requested..."

"May I ask, by who?"

"Nicolai Piercy."

My eyes grew wide, and my pulse raced. "What?"

David shrugged

"You must've sparked some sort of interest in him." he said taking a sip from his coffee mug.

I sat there, completely still as my mind raced with a thousand plausible reasons as to why he chose me...he wasn't even in charge of the banquet...I didn't understand.

"Mr. Piercy would like it if you met with he and his wife this evening for dinner, so they can discuss the plans for the banquet with you. Here is the address to their home."

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