Chapter Six

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Sammy turned away from Duncan and covered his mouth. Ari realized what Sammy was doing before anyone else.

"Daisy pull over." Ari says quickly, not taking her eyes off Sammy.

"Why?" Daisy asks frantically.

"Why do you think? Pull over!" Ari screams and Daisy does as she's told and Ari jumps out of the car and around to the door Sammy leaned against. She opened it and he looked up at her, his eyes glowing red.

"What's going on?" Duncan asks in a daze, there was no doubt that he felt dizzy from the hit.

Ari took Sammy by his shoulders and looked into his glowing eyes.

"He's not food, you understand? That's your best friend." Ari says softly.

"I can't help it." Sammy was breathing hard, trying to keep his urge under control.

"Daisy, get Duncan out and clean up his head before things get bad." Ari says and Daisy finally understood what was happening. Daisy jumped out and pulled Duncan out of the car.

"I don't want to hurt him, you can't let me." Sammy says to Ari, obviously struggling.

"I won't, nobody's getting hurt." Ari says softly and Sammy nods closing his eyes tightly, gripping Ari's arm tighter.


Lauren ran as fast as she could through the woods. She could still hear someone following her. Suddenly, she became dizzy and a great headache formed in her head but she continued to run. She'd started to cry without realizing it. Lauren had grown extremely close to Wren in the past few months, now she wondered how long it had been Amber. Lauren felt herself slowing down and gasping for breath as if she was being suffocated. She hid behind and tree stump and sat down. Lauren wondered how long she had before Amber found her. She dreaded telling Duncan about Wren, if she ever saw her brother again. She knew how much Duncan loved Wren.

"You can't hide from me Lauren!" Amber yells, her voice was normal and didn't sound like Wren. Lauren supposed she'd changed back to her original self.

Lauren held her breath as she heard Amber ease closer and closer to her.

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