Chapter Seven

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Amber Rose^^^

"Leave me alone!" Lauren screamed, she tried to stand once again but she fell right back down from a sharp pain in her foot. Amber now stood over her grinning. Amber's eyes still glowed purple, the sun had set so her eyes were the only thing Lauren could see in the darkness. 

"You're a psychopath!" Lauren screams and pushes herself backwards through the fallen leaves.

"Oh honey, my straight jacket's custom made." Amber smiles and tries to grab Lauren's ankles but someone yanked her arm and pulled her out of Amber's grasp. Before Lauren knew what was happening she was being carried bridal style with an angry Amber screaming in frustration. Lauren cried and clung to her savior's neck.


Once Duncan's head was wrapped with fabric that Daisy had ripped from a spare shirt. Sammy calmed down and was his normal self again. Sammy was embarrassed from what he did but tried not to show it.

"Where would Lauren and Wren be? They couldn't have walked far." Sammy says and rubs the back of his neck. He looks over at Duncan who had fallen back to sleep.

"We'll never find them if they don't want to be found." Daisy says.

"Then we'll have to wait for something to go wrong and they want to be — FOUND!" Ari screams as she sees a person laying in the road. Daisy slammed the breaks.

Duncan groaned in the backseat, he was once again in the floorboard. "We've got to stop doing these things."

Sammy opened his door and ran out onto the road to the girl laying in the middle of the floor. He saw the red hair and covered his mouth slightly.

"Guys!" He calls and Daisy runs out to him with Ari following. Duncan wasn't far behind.

"Wren?" Duncan mumbles when he saw her.

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