Chapter seven

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Recap: Suraj tried to complete the murder with Laksh and Karan's help, but their plan fails.

Laksh got shot by one of the guards of the minister.

Karan was tensed so was Suraj, "Bhai where to bring him, he is losing a lot of blood."

Suraj nodded, there was only one safe place he knows at this moment. He looked at their trace, "Karan try to vanish our traces and mislead the police. They shouldn't find anything, you got it?"

Karan nods, "where will I find you?"

Suraj looked at him, "my house."

Karan was confused, "what?"

Suraj smiles, "Chakor!"

Karan saw the warm smile and nodded at him. He tried as much as possible to change the trace of them, he had created other traces which seems more clear than the other ones. It was to offensive so he again tried and was happy with the end result.

Suraj has reached at Chakor's place, he knocked on the door. Even having a key he didn't wanted to interfere in her privacy, he again knocks in the hope she will be alone.

The door opens, a smiling Chakor was looking at him. Her smile faded the moment she saw Laksh, "Come in!" She moves aside and Suraj come in with Laksh.

"Suraj washroom!"

Suraj follows her order and entered the washroom, she come with a small first aid kit, both removed his shirt carefully and then they found the wound on his shoulder.

The bullet was still in his body, Suraj was scared, he looked at Chakor, "can you help him?"

Chakor nods, "haan you wait here." She immediately rushes to the kitchen, she comes back with a tray.

The tray had, a knife and a candle.
(I have no idea if it really works, just saw it many times in movies)

Suraj looked at him, "you will remove the bullet?"

Chakor looked at him, "I will try to remove it, but we need something to prevent an infection."

Suraj nods and took out a flask, "will this help?"

Chakor nodded, "yes this will help, pour it on his wound. I will hear the knife under the fire of the candle and then I will try to remove it."

Suraj nodded, he pours the alcohol on the wound and Laksh hisses in his unconsciousness.

Chakor took the knife, she waited till she felt it's hot enough, then she enters the wound with the heated knife, she tries to follow the bullet hole. She was very carefully and with a little bit of difficulty she could remove it. She had a spoon in her hand, she heated up and burnt his wound.

It was smelling bad, but this was the only way to stop the bleeding. Suraj pours a little bit of the alcohol on his wound, she took a clean cloth and bind it on his shoulder. They placed him on her bed.

A knock was to hear, Suraj asked her to stay at the back, he was holding his dagger, when he opens the door he found Karan standing in front of him.

Suraj let him in, "you look after Laksh okay?!"

Karan nods, "sure."

Chakor was in the kitchen, she come with a plate of food and gave it Karan, "eat this."

Karan smiles, "thank you."

Chakor smiles and looks at Suraj, he was looking out of the window, his gaze was fixed on the sky, tears were rolling down his cheeks. Chakor places a hand on his shoulder, he turns toward her and rested his head on her shoulder, she leans her head on his and both stood there.

It was the next morning both had fallen asleep on the same place, near the window. Laksh was awake and looking at them with open mouth.

He shakes Karan, who was obviously sleeping next to Laksh, "wake up and look!"

Karan in half sleep looked at him, "Laksh I know this is his home."

Laksh blinks his eyes, he was shocked 😮. "He found a home?" He smiles at them, they heard their voices and woke up.

"Laksh!" Suraj rushes to him and checked on him, "how you feel?"

Laksh smiles like mad, "now much better. What about you?"

Suraj shook his head in disbelief, he would love to slap him, but controlled his anger. Chakor was in the kitchen and prepared the breakfast.

Suraj was looking at his wound, he changed the bandage and was looking at him ashamed, "this shouldn't have happened, but it did and you got wound. You won't do it again."

Karan took a deep breath, "Suraj nothing had happened, he is fine, right?!"

Laksh nods, "tip top!" He looked at the direction of the kitchen, he could smell the food and his stomach was growling.

Chakor come with two plates, one for Karan and one for Laksh, but Suraj fed him as Laksh was having difficulties to eat.

Suraj looked at Chakor, she was about to leave, but before that she opens the wardrobe of hers and took out a shopper.

She sat on Suraj lap and looked at Laksh, "here wear this and about the your old shirt, you don't worry no one will find it, you take proper rest."

She stood up and left from there.

Laksh wore the shirt, which a number big for him, he understood it was a gift for Suraj.

Karan too saw that, both smiles and confused, "why you let her go to work?"

Suraj looked at them, "I can't forbid her to work, she doesn't judge me for the work I do, why should I judge her? Currently I can't offer her anything to make her leave her work, one day I will then no one of you have to work."
He said with a cute smile.

They left the place and were at their usual place in front of the brothel. The other three come and seeing the three they signed in relief, "nothing happened!"

Deep come and hugs them, "you didn't went great."

Suraj shook his head, "we failed."

Laksh nods, "I got hurt."

"Whaaatt!!" Sid, Ajay and Deep got a shock.

Karan saw at him, "Suraj found a home!"

"Thank God you said it and save my..." Laksh said with a smirk....

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