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Sarah's POV

Early in the morning, Jason and I somehow agree to meet at the library. Turns out he's a bit upset about the whole not trusting thing. Not that I have to explain who's fault is that. However, he still agrees to help me solve my mystery glowing necklace.

We are now currently sitting at a corner of the library, far away from everyone else. It's the same library I went when I found a newspaper with mom's picture in it.

The same librarian eyed me suspiciously when I walked in the library this morning. Apparently, she knew I shredded the picture apart from that big thick book. She did ask me to return the picture, which I won't.

Don't ask me how in the universe she knew. There's no way she'd look and check the pages one by one.

Could she?

"Earth to Sarah. Hello there, do you copy me?" Jason knock my head.

I pushed his hand away. "What was that for?" I frowned.

"For making you come back to earth in peace and answer my damn question."

I blinked a few times. "What question?"

He sighed. "Did you bring the necklace?"

"Well duh, yes. That's why we're here, right?" I said in a duh tone.

I took out my glowing necklace from my bag and put it down on the table. The truth is, I never took off my necklace since mom gave it to me and it certainly feels awkward not wearing it. I wish I could wear it but I know it will draw a lot of attention. I even had to hide it from her, afraid she'll see what's happening to her old necklace.

Technically, it's me who had to hide.

She'll freak out even more if she doesn't see me wearing her necklace.

"The box?" He asked.

"It's in here too." I took out the box as well. I still haven't figured out how to open it. I've been trying to open it this whole night but it's so damn hard. Probably harder than answering a pop quiz in math class.

He took it and look from all different angles. Minutes passed and the results are still the same. He couldn't find a way to open it. I was getting bored so I took my necklace and wear it around my neck. We're pretty distant from everyone else so I'm sure no one will notice it was glowing.

Slowly, I walked to a shelf nearby to find a book to read with a hope that it will help me cure my bored to death. I was so focused on looking and choosing a book to read, by the time I looked back on my necklace, the glowing just... stops.

When did it happen?

I hold the pendant closely to my eyes, observing it.

"Stupid necklace. Glow! Why did you stop? WHEN did you stop?" I jiggled the pendant in my hand.

Decided that I have certainly no clue and don't know what to do, I walk back to our table to tell Jason about it. Just as I arrived, the necklace glows back.

Holy moly.

Just for confirmation, I walked a few steps from the table and... the necklace stops glowing.

The wires in my brain eventually started to work and connected again. So was the dots in this puzzle.

Maybe, that necklace is somehow connected to the box. The glowing thing probably shows the sign of their connection. Since both of them were my mom's.

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