The One Who Couldn't Love

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The economic situation of the family is very poor, living in a humble little house they rent Don Maximum  a malicious man unable to woo Ana Paula, decides to avenge them out into the streets and denounce the girl for attempted murder, because when Maximum is abusing it's stopping Ana Paula cutting his hand with a broken bottle.

Here appears Bruno Rey, the young lawyer Rogelio Montero Baez, the terrible owner Hacienda Del Fuerte located in the town of San Gabriel. Rogelio long ago became disabled because of an accident, because of this his fiancee Vanessa left him and from there he became a ruthless man, bitter and mean. Bruno offers Ana Paula's work Rogelio nurse, she accepts without hesitation because the pay is good and it looks like the only option you have left to save his family from ruin.

Ana Paula goes to the farm but is shocked to know the character of Roger, and is resigned to work for a man with bad character in a place that seems cold and inhospitable. Besides Roger, lives in the house his sister Cynthia, who feels obliged to take care of his brother and support his character as he refuses to give the part of the rightful inheritance, this as a way to retain beside him. They are also Ephraim, a pawn of the estate that Cynthia loves but it only uses it when she's bored, Consuelo  a servant girl who has an innocent and sincere love of Ephraim and Mary, Consuelo's godmother, a selfless and generous woman who raised Rogelio and Cynthia as if they were their own children. Also she lives with Margarito, a child who protects Mary.

Among comings and goings of their work Ana Paula knows Gustavo Duran, a young engineer, honest and hardworking, who lives with his sister Mercedes, also a nurse. The two strike up a love which in turn awakens a dangerous conflict, because Roger also falls in love with Ana Paula.

Due to a tragic accident caused Miguel, which is injured and likely to go to prison for life, Rogelio Ana Paula offers that will save his brother's life if she agrees to be his wife. Ana Paula accepts after Rosa Bruno and make you believe that Gustavo is dead, but can not imagine the ordeal that awaits.

Still, Ana Paula is in love with Gustavo. It is only at the end of the story that true love triumphs and Ana Paula can choose freely whether to keep her husband or her first love.

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