abandoned (Leather Head x child reader)

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(Y/n)'s P.O.V

i sat in the ally way as the rain fell hard, thunder rumbled and lightning flashed across the night sky "AHH!!!" my voice echoed off the brick walls as i curled up under a wooded crate i called my home. "mommy, daddy, im sorry!" i sobbed out wanting to see my parents again, it had been 2 years but i could still remember them. "who's there?" a gravely voice asked, a tall shadow looming over the ally entrance, the sound of slim and heavy feet walking could be heard. "come out, or i'll make ya" i peeked my head out looking at the large aligater in front of me "p-p-p-please don't hurt me" i whispered as tears ran down my face

Lether Head's P.O.V

i looked down where the voice was coming from, a small child was hiding in a wooden crate. i bent down to their hight "whats your name kid" i asked "(Y-Y/n), whats yours?" their voice cracked a bit "im Lether Head, now where are your parents?" their eyes widened as more tears ran down their face "come'er" i picked them up "you can stay with me" i said flipping the sewer lid up "really?" they said quietly "yeah, how old are ya anyway (Y/n)?" i asked "8!" they said with a smile "alright lil munchkin, lets get going" i said with a smile

*********************time skip************************

"come on Lether head, i can do it" they said with a smile, its been 5 years, they were trying to do a back flip but i didn't think it was safe "are you sure?" i asked, to be honest if anything happen i would feel awful, (Y/n) was like a sibling to me. "just watch" they jumped off the couch and back flipped onto the table "see!!" their smile was so bright "Come'er, it's time for lunch" i said walking into the kitchen 


this was a request from @Turtle-lover-13 i hope you liked it.   

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