Part 2

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I looked down a bit scared since he found out when I felt myself be lifted up.I shivered a bit frightened since yoongis words kept repeating in my head and I felt Jin take off my boxers and slip the panties on.

Jin set me down on the floor before sitting on the bed "Come to hyung baby"I shook my head a bit scared when I felt jins piercing eyes stare into my soul.

He suddenly grabbed me by my shirt and laid me on his lap "W-Wait h-hyung what a-are you d-doin-AH"I screamed when I felt a slap come to my ass.

"Count baby,we'll do 14 spanks ok?"I just sobbed when I felt a swift slap come to my butt "O-Okay" "Okay who?"he asked "O-Okay h-hyungie"I saw Jin smile lightly before he started spanking me while I counted quietly.


"Agh t-three"





"E-Eight Ah"


"Ten,Please stop hyungie!Im so sowwy"I cried as I held onto Jins legs tightly from the pain.

Jin just smiled at me lightly before slapping my butt 4 slaps quickly and I sobbed.

"Eleven,twelve,t-thirteen,F-fourtween"I felt my head feel a bit foggy from the pain as I hugged my knees when Jin sat me up.

"It's ok baby,it's over""I'm so sowwy hyungie!"I sobbed loudly as I hugged his chest for comfort"Shhh it's ok baby,Now tell me what did you do wrong?"Jin asked demandingly while his hand brushed through my hair and I looked at him hazily "I-I didn't w-wisten to h-hyungie a-and didn't w-wear da p-pwanties"I looked up to Jin to see him smiling as he laid me on the bed.

"How bout you get some sleep okay baby?Your such a good boy taking your punishment well"I nodded tiredly as I closed my eyes"

"One through,Two more to go"

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