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3rd person

Their wedding was perfect. Like a dream come true. For the couple at least. They had the wedding was at the same park Namjoon proposed to Jin at. They both loved the park so much. It was a beautiful park. That park was where families would bond and couple would get closer. It was late June, witch was good because the wedding was during warm weather and the plants where greenest. The lake was warm and sparkling.

"My arm hurts," Jin complained. Namjoon chuckled walking into the beautiful home they rented on the tropical island they were staying at. This is the island most couples would have their honeymoon. They chose this island because it was the cheapest to travel to and it was perfect for what they wanted to do during their honeymoon; enjoy a beautiful beach and swim a little, and a lot of privacy. "Wow, Jinnie, hurry up, its so beautiful!" Namjoon placed his luggage down and walkex around. Jin walked inside and looked around as well. "Holy fuck, its beautiful," he said, almost a whisper.

Namjoon raced to their room

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Namjoon raced to their room. "Damn!" It has a bathroom and its beautiful!"

 "Damn!" It has a bathroom and its beautiful!"

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Jin walks in with a big smile. "Its so beautiful." Namjoon wraped his arm around Jin and kissed his forehead. "How about we go have a picnic on the beach. It'll be beautiful and relaxing." Jin looked up at him, raising his eyebrows. "That doesn't sound so bad. Go find a blanket. I'll pack some food."

Namjoon placed the blanket on the white sand. He wanted this honeymoon to be perfect. He wanted Jin to be happy the whole entire time. Asked long as Jin was happy, he was. Don't get him wrong, he wanted to be happy to and enjoy this too, but Jim's happiness mattered more. "Its beautiful, Joonie." Jin walked over to Namjoon and placed a kiss against his cheek. He sat a tray of fruits on the blanket and sat down on it. "This is the perfect island to spend our honeymoon." Namjoon stated, watching the oceans waves come and go. Jin smiled, leaning back on his elbows and looking up at the sky. The sun was setting. it was absolutely beautiful. There was not a cloud in the sky. Jin was so so happy, just how Namjoon wanted.

"Stupid Stupid sand!" Jin spit into the sink. "Well, at least you didn't swallow it." Namjoon smiled, trying to brighten the mood. Jin had ate a piece of watermelon without realizing sand got all over their food. "That was disgusting," Jin groaned. Namjoon leaned against the counter. "If you want, we can go swim?" Namjoon crossed his arms, looking out the huge window at the water. "I don't know. I'm all itchy from that stupid sand." Namjoon nodded. "The water will wash it off." Jin sighed. "Okay, let's go swim."

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