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"He won't, I can tell you that," was the reply, guttering with disgust. "Honestly, I despise men. Such horrible creatures."

Taehyung, with a roll of eyes, looked to Jin, expression turning more serious. His brows furrowed with a hint of uncertainty, and his hands locked together, sweat already forming at the palms.

"Uh, Jin?" He watched his friend perk his head at him. "There's something important I must confess."

Jin felt his face drop. "Don't tell me. You got harassed by Namjoon too?" He held out his hands to grab yours. "Don't worry, Tae, we'll get through this together."

"Jin, jeez, nothing like that! No, something a bit different."

Taehyung paused, that feeling of uncertainty overcoming him once again. He feared that it would swallow him like an incoming whale, but decided it was better to just spit it out.

"I like Inhui."

Jin waited. "And?"

The boy raised a brow. "I really like Inhui."

Tutting like an irritated mother, Jin persisted, "So?"

"That's the problem, Jin. I like Inhui."

"That's your problem?" The elder smacked his friend's hands off of his, leaning back into his sofa. "Jesus, Tae, I thought something terrible happened to you."

The boy was now stranded in an ocean of his own confusion. "Why would anything happen to me? Ugh, no, Jin, I thought you..."


That's when realisation hit Jin harder than his mom's flying flip flops.


His mouth burst into a vicious grin.

"You thought," he started, head resting in his hands, "That I liked her too!"

He hung his head back and burst into fits of laughter, his whole body shaking as he smacked his thigh with his hand, in near tears.

Taehyung, at this point of Jin's outburst, sat silent until he finished howling, eyebrows furrowing further. "Why do you find that so...funny?"

"Oh, you dumb fuck," Jin got out between his tears, "I don't like her! Well, not in that way."

"But...wait, I swear you were all over her the night on the train." Taehyung raised a brow. "Pretty sure you were trying to stain the poor cabin walls."

"Tae, mi amigo, that's the difference between a virgin and a manwhore," Jin drawled. "Virgins dream to do it, manwhores actually do it.

"So to conclude my point," he pointed to himself, "I'm the virgin—" then he pointed to Taehyung, "And you're the manwhore."

"Back to my point, though," The younger muttered, trying hard to not be offended at his friend's comparison. "So you don't mind me going for Inhui?"

Jin, despite his teasing stance, notched down the taunt in his voice. "You don't even need to ask me, man." He scoffed. "I doubt I would have won her over in the first place.

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