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Everything screamed luxury within the suites.

Each pair of women were given a rich lodging to stay in, all of them styled lavishly to suit even the most richest of men and women ready to drain their dollars for a night of undoubted opulence.

Taehyung and Jin were assigned a suite together, keys in Hoseok's shaking hand as he held them out to the former.

The youngest among them, with an irked sigh, took the item, carefully manicured nails scraping against the porter's skin, causing him to blush as red as a strawberry.

"M-m-miss, please," he fumbled for the words, his eyes darting to everywhere but the 'woman' he was flustered over, "If there's anything, and I mean anything, don't hesitate to call for me."

His eyes darted around the suite, as if inspecting any dangers that might inflict upon the imbeciles of our story. You all know, dear friends, that Hoseok didn't need to do such formalities.

Our heroes attract trouble like a femme fatale would attract her male targets. Or how a paedophile would attract children from ice cream vans. You decide.

"Please, Sir, we'll be fine," Taehyung assured the porter in a monotone, already leading him out the door.

With Taehyung's hand on the door ready to slam it shut, Hoseok still carried on, "I'm sure you will be, being such strong women, but if there's any trouble—"

The porter could not finish his sentence as the door got firmly shut in his face, a slight implication from the haughty 'ladies' to go fuck himself.

Taehyung, from the other side, sighed out, dusting his hands as if he'd worked hours of hard labour. "Honestly," he said.

"You should have been nicer, Taehui," Jin drawled, settling himself upon the velvety armchairs at the corner of the suite. "Seeing as he's the only fanboy you'll be getting."

And not just the velvet armchairs that were a delight to the eyes, but the polished marble floors stained black, wallpaper of different hues of grey swirling with each other, plated white at the top and bottom. Silver chandeliers hung daintily below the two men, reflecting the golden rays of the sun.

A heavily decorated door indicated the bathroom, another glass doorway leading to the balcony which adorned a gorgeous view of the Busan beach.

"At least I'm getting a fanboy," Taehyung countered, crossing his arms with a sly grin on his face, "Who was it you've...bewitched? The stray dogs at the train station? I heard those animals are howling at you like a snack."

"I fucking wish, you bastard." Jin let out a hard exhale. "But what I got is a snooty tycoon, probably on his way to molest me soon."

"Tycoon?" Taehyung perked up, walking to his friend and sitting down on a sofa opposite him. "Which one? There's an army of them here."

"Ah, what was his name...? Kim Namji? Kim Namjin—?"

"Oh shit—" Taehyung suddenly swore, sitting up properly on the couch. "Kim Namjoon?!"

"Ah, that's the one!" Jin brightened up, but then soured down in a time frame of two seconds. "Fucking pervert."

"Just tell him straight, Jin," the younger advised him. "Maybe he'll understand."

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